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With IPv6 being turned on, is keeping IPv4 a bad idea?

IPv4 has served the Internet for more than 20 years, but with World IPv6 Launch less than two weeks away, keeping IPv4 running could cause some problems, experts say.

Popular DOD desktop app ready for mobile devices

A DOD desktop-based tool that lets users set up and join meetings on the go is available as a mobile app for Android smart phones and tablets.

After 6 weeks offline, ICANN reopens TLD application system

Applicants have an eight-day window to review and finalize applications for new generic top-level domain names.

By land, by sea, by air: DOD looks to take mobile devices global

The Defense Department has launched a number of mobile device programs, but the devil is in the details when it comes to deploying handhelds past the wire.

Army wants to train on its own private Internet

The portal would mimic the look and functionality of the Web, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites for scenario-based training.

Critical industries don't grasp IT risks, study shows

A Carnegie Mellon study shows that energy companies and utilities lag behind the more highly regulated financial services industry in cybersecurity and privacy protection.

Army lab speeds technology to round 3 of NIE

The Army's new lab at Aberdeen Proving Ground tests and evaluates software and electronics bound for Network Integration Evaluation 12.2.

Siri, is this the end of all-you-can-eat bandwidth?

The days of unlimited wireless Internet plans are rapidly drawing to a close, and all those great mobile apps are to blame.

High-def videoconferencing to any device, even on low bandwidth

An NCI pilot program to study VOIP led to a platform that can transmit high-definition video to almost any networked device anywhere and promises to "catapult" research.

Cell phones vs. toothbrushes: Sounds like an opportunity

If more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush, someone is missing their big break.

Smart-grid security could benefit from Microsoft's SDL framework

A major vendor of energy system control and smart metering systems is adopting Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle to help ensure better security.

Medicine's mobile mania raises the threat level, DHS warns

Mobile devices are ideal for many medical uses, but they also can put patient records, and sometimes even patients themselves, at risk, according to a DHS report.

The next big social media thing? Here are the likely winners.

Want to be in front of the pack when the next major trend in social media hits? Think moving pictures.

In the eye of the storm, better bandwidth through bonding

For Paulding County, Ga., bonding three cellular channels together provides multimegabit bandwidth for its mobile command center without the expense of a satellite link.

Even with good cell service, emergency crews might need satellite

Paulding County, Ga., gets good broadband connectivity over cellular service for its mobile command center, but it is considering satellite communications as a backup service.

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