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Siri, is this the end of all-you-can-eat bandwidth?

The days of unlimited wireless Internet plans are rapidly drawing to a close, and all those great mobile apps are to blame.

High-def videoconferencing to any device, even on low bandwidth

An NCI pilot program to study VOIP led to a platform that can transmit high-definition video to almost any networked device anywhere and promises to "catapult" research.

Cell phones vs. toothbrushes: Sounds like an opportunity

If more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush, someone is missing their big break.

Smart-grid security could benefit from Microsoft's SDL framework

A major vendor of energy system control and smart metering systems is adopting Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle to help ensure better security.

Medicine's mobile mania raises the threat level, DHS warns

Mobile devices are ideal for many medical uses, but they also can put patient records, and sometimes even patients themselves, at risk, according to a DHS report.

The next big social media thing? Here are the likely winners.

Want to be in front of the pack when the next major trend in social media hits? Think moving pictures.

In the eye of the storm, better bandwidth through bonding

For Paulding County, Ga., bonding three cellular channels together provides multimegabit bandwidth for its mobile command center without the expense of a satellite link.

Even with good cell service, emergency crews might need satellite

Paulding County, Ga., gets good broadband connectivity over cellular service for its mobile command center, but it is considering satellite communications as a backup service.

The '.secure' domain would enforce rigorous security

Artemis Internet promises to enforce high standards for organizations in the new domain, and to kick out anyone who slacks on security.

Canada plans to replace cash with digital MintChips -- can this work?

The Canadian Mint is holding a contest to find a secure chip that can replace bills and coins, but can it be unhackable and untraceable?

9 keys to making BYOD work

Employees will use personal mobile devices for work anyway; here are tips on making sure it's done right.

Partnership develops encryption for federal mobile devices

Verizon and Cellcrypt will offer voice encryption for smart phones and tablets running the Android, BlackBerry and iOS operating systems.

ICANN to reopen applications for new top-level domains

ICANN has notified TLD applicants whose information might have been compromised by a software glitch and is offering full refunds to applicants who want to withdraw.

Spear-phishing attacks hit gas pipeline networks

DHS alerts operators that "tightly focused" attacks, ongoing since at least December, have compromised a number of organizations.

911 services face an emergency of their own

People are moving quickly to mobile devices and relying on text and video rather than voice. Can Next-Gen 911 catch up?

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