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Michael Daconta is the vice president of advanced technology at InCadence Strategic Solutions and the former metadata program manager for the Homeland Security Department. His latest book is "Information as Product: How to Deliver the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time."

6 IT trends government IT managers should be wary of

There are many good information technology innovations, but not all the current fads are good for government IT. Some trends are bad in general, and some are very bad for government IT managers in particular.

The promise and perils of lie in the metadata

Metadata registries must be integrated into everyday business processes, and IT-centric metadata must be integrated into the system development life cycle.

Michael Daconta | UCore: The Twitter of information sharing

UCore's use is part of a revolution in digital communication as our information processes shift from producer-centric to consumer-centric.

Michael Daconta | A heretical view of knowledge management

The crux of knowledge management is first defining the knowledge you want and how you want to curate it, then capturing content.

Michael Daconta | The next wave of semantic applications

Wolfram Alpha, a Web site that will compute the answers to natural language questions, could be another watershed event in semantic computing.

For data sharing, message flows are more important than platforms

Message flows are the linchpin to distributed, real-time information sharing systems, such as the National Information Exchange Model or the Environmental Protection Agency’s Central Data Exchange.

One way to solve the federal records puzzle

If everything is a record, transparency and sharing become the rule and not the exception.

The evolution of SOA

SOA remains the best way to build enterprise applications, data mashups and mobile applications.

Reality Check | Transparency must be all or nothing

Commentary: Enterprise data managers could give the financial community a lesson about transparency – namely, that it must apply to everyone.

Reality Check | A new twist on the DRM

Commentary: Creating an infrastructure that exposes the underlying data on Web sites would go a,long way toward improving information sharing.

Reality Check | UCore's giant leap

A key group of chief information officers is pushing the boundaries of consensus building and galvanizing the federal information technology community.

Reality Check | Metadata's new name is TED

Commentary: The classic definition of metadata ' data about data ' blurs the distinction between data and metadata. A better name for metadata might be "Targeted Extrinsic Description."

Michael Daconta | My data's not ok, yours is not ok

Reality Check'commentary: It's OK to admit your dirty little secret: You have bad data. Guess what? So does everyone.

Michael Daconta | Don't fear authoritative data

Another View'commentary: Rising above the politics of fear and fiefdoms is vital to achieving the promise of authoritative data sources.

Michael Daconta | The ROI of good governance

Reality Check'commentary: In a post-Enron, post-Katrina climate, the new meaning of ROI could be risk of incarceration.

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