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Microsoft Surface: Is this the tablet for government?

The company's foray into hardware has some great productivity features, such as a cover/keyboard and a USB port. But will it live up to government needs better than the iPad?

Cities using AI for pre-crime monitoring of surveillance videos

A system being installed by San Francisco's transit authority can flag suspicious activity and even shut down a train automatically.

Google Apps for Gov saves how much in energy costs?

By switching to Google Apps, GSA reduced server energy consumption by nearly 90 percent, a report states.

Tim Solms

5 ways the public cloud can go wrong for DOD agencies

As defense agencies embrace cloud computing, many are finding that cloud solutions deemed good enough for consumers can't handle their unique requirements.

With analytics, police get smarter, even clairvoyant

Charleston police are using IBM predictive analytics software to better allocate resources, forecast criminal patterns and solve crime more quickly.

NSA delves into next level of data analysis

An agency pilot program pursues data provenance, which seeks to trace the origins, accuracy and life cycle of the data NSA collects.

Analytics fuels Air Force efforts on preventive health care

The Air Force Medical Service is implementing SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics software to improve operational and clinical decision support.

Google, Amazon – and conflicts – dominate potential new Internet domains

With 751 applicants contending for 231 of the nearly 2,000 possible domain names, there is likely to be lots of horse-trading in the coming months. Who will get .app? Or .love?

NASA's shift to Web services model saving $1M a year

Using Amazon Web Services for cloud-based enterprise infrastructure has improved service to the agency and the public, CIO Linda Cureton says.

ICANN kicks off Internet's largest expansion in history

The publication of more than 2,000 potential new generic top-level domains begins a new era for the Internet.

Avaya rolls out new family of government networking services

A new family of network communications and data networking services will allow agencies to quickly upgrade and manage new applications and capabilities.

FAA moving 80,000 employees to Office 365

CSC will handle the transition, which aims to give the workforces secure access to enterprise apps from virtually any device.

Energy agency builds its own social network

DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration is utilizing cloud-based social networking tools to allow the NNSA’s workforce to collaborate and perform their tasks from any device, at any time.

9 lessons from federal IT reform

As the 25-point plan's 18-month deadline arrives, agencies' cloud migrations are about 80 percent complete and should begin reaping $100 million a year in savings.

One portal, many votes: All states' absentee ballots in one place

The U.S. Vote Foundation has launched an online portal that will let absentee voters register and request ballots with forms and information customized for each state.

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