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Why Google's SPDY is none too swift

Google wants to replace the venerable Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the more efficient SPDY standard, but corporate rivalries may slow things down.

Are your apps ready for the public cloud?

Many IT organizations are moving from a non-virtualized application base to one that is service- or cloud-based. Find out where your organization falls on this trend line.

Are rogue cloud users a risk for states?

Most states lack policies on online file storage usage, but CISOs say there is risk in uncontrolled use of these services.

105 Top Level Domain applicants had info exposed

ICANN has begun notifying 105 applicants who paid $185,000 each to apply for new generic TLDs that some of their information was exposed through a glitch on the online application system, which has been offline for three weeks.

Tech tools emerge to customize collaboration portals

New tools under development help "unlock the next generation" of features for cloud and enterprise collaboration, say industry execs.

'Mega' SharePoint brings static information to life

Moving SharePoint to the enterprise or cloud requires new data management and security practices, but the return is significant, experts say.

DARPA wants gamers to design medical training software

DARPA is looking at the gaming industry to help it design medical training and education software for use on mobile devices.

Cloud's potential to get an airing at NIST-hosted conference

IT officials from Europe, Asia and North America will discuss views on the potential for cloud technology to transform public services.

Decisions on cloud 'all about the data,' USPS security officer says

Agencies should only deal with what they can tolerate as a risk, the U.S. Postal Service's Chuck McGann tells a FedScoop audience.

Image of Earth taken by NOAAs Rapid Refresh modeling software

Rapid Refresh sharpens NOAA's weather forecasts

New software for modeling complex weather patterns lets the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration update near-term forecasts hourly, with greater precision. launches developer community is the latest in a growing list of communities designed to make practical use of the government's datasets.

IBM rolls out integrated systems to automate most management, updating jobs

IBM's new line of products is designed as an integrated package from the beginning, which is intended to eliminate time and money wasted on operations and maintenance.

Energy project looks to tame supercomputing's tsunami of data

A new facility at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory will develop tools to extract knowledge from petabytes of data and help researchers use their time more efficiently.

Program for new Top Level Domains still in limbo after security glitch

ICANN plans this week to notify applicants for generic TLDs whose information might have been exposed, as the Web-based application system remains offline.

Agencies could save twice as much on cloud, survey says

Federal agencies have saved an average of $5.5 billion yearly by implementing cloud computing, a modest number next to the $12 billion in potential savings estimated by new research

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