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Mike Daconta

Hackers own today's free-love PC architecture, and it's time to move on

With the coming post-PC architecture, sensor, device and cloud components will form a new multi-machine OS with built-in solutions for security and ID management.

Transparency group supports DATA Act, standardized reporting tools

The Data Transparency Coalition will lobby for passage of the DATA Act, which would make the website a permanent portal for standardized reporting on all government spending.

FedRAMP still has some hurdles to clear, GSA's McClure says

Throughout government, security officers will have different interpretations of what security controls are acceptable, says GSA's Dave McClure.

ICANN shuts down gTLD applications after security glitch, extends deadline

Some applicants might have been able to take a peek at others' file names, so ICANN closed the system for several days and extended the application deadline to April 20.

Flashback infections of Apple's OS X prove no one is safe

It has taken months, but fixes for the most prolific malware to hit the Apple OS have arrived, and the infection rate for Flashback is dropping.

Amazon service could improve website search

Amazon Web Services has launched a service that will let organizations integrate sophisticated search functionality into their applications and websites.

HP expands its cloud for government

HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Compute for U.S. Public Sector is designed to help agencies implement "cloud-first" strategies while providing economic, security and reliability benefits, HP officials said.

Feds, states reaping benefits of going green, report says

Feds, states and businesses are reporting a 1 percent or more reduction in energy costs by implementing energy efficient solutions in data centers, according to CDW-G's 2012 Energy Efficiency IT Report.

Online tool helps DC residents go green, save green

GreenUp DC is an interactive tool that lets users see existing green energy, stormwater reduction and energy conservation projects, and immediately calculate the potential benefits to their property.

DOE offers $100K for best energy-saving apps

The Energy Department has set up a contest to reward developers who write the best apps for maintaining energy savings and awareness among consumers.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

Lesson from the Army cloud: If you do a contract quickly, 'you're in trouble'

A word of caution on moving to the cloud: Don’t think you can rush through the contract process quickly, retired Lt. Col. Michael Devines told a FOSE audience.

What cloud computing needs to take the next step

Agencies and vendors need common definitions, performance metrics and security controls, say panelists at the FOSE 2012 conference.

Treasury exec: Cloud helps you leap ahead, but be ready for change

Moving to the cloud can help agencies leapfrog into new technologies, but if you're not open to new ways of doing business, it won't be worth the jump, a Treasury exec says.

Consolidation at the crossroads: 4 paths taken

Budget-strapped agencies are looking for savings in e-mail consolidation, whether in a public, private or hybrid cloud. Here's how four organizations did it.

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