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Interior wants to put all its messages in one cloud

The department is looking for a cloud-based Enterprise eArchive System for capturing e-mail, social media, instant messaging and electronic documents.

Malware Madness: Stuxnet torches Christmas Tree; Melissa surprises

It's just the first bracket of Malware Madness 2012, and we already have our first upset.

Microsoft's March security bulletin to tackle six vulnerabilities

Microsoft's monthly security update will feature six items -- one labeled "critical," four "important" and one moderate.

Chrome succumbs to Pwn2Own hacks, issues patch

Google's Chrome Web browser fell to multiple exploits March 7 at CanSecWest security conference's Pwn2Own contest, ending its two-year winning streak at the hacker contest.

CMS taps analytics to examine big health care data

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to create visualization tools, advanced analytics and prototypes for health data delivery.

Big data's big question: Where are the data scientists?

The move to big data requires a different skill set, experts say, as they try to define the role of data officer or data scientist.

New Apple tool helps configure, manage iPhones and iPads

The Apple Configurator is designed to help organizations manage large deployments.

Colorado joins move to Google Apps

The state expects to cut its e-mail costs in half by providing a unified system to its 26,000 employees.

New Adobe exploits leave Flash vulnerable -- again

Adobe released a patch late March 6 that targets two vulnerabilities in its Flash Player.

20 years ago: The birth of e-mail as we know it

The MIME standard for e-mail content, launched in March 1992, changed Internet communications from plain-text messaging to a multimedia workhorse.

Big data deal: Microsoft aiming for Hadoop interoperability

Microsoft is aiming to make its Windows and other tools interoperable with Apache Hadoop, a key framework for agencies pursuing big data.

Move to Office 365 gives USDA robust e-discovery

The Agriculture Department's use of Microsoft's cloud and ProofPoint Enterprise Archive gives it one of the best e-discovery systems in the federal government, says USDA’s CIO Chris Smith.

5 thieves, 5 cities, 12 hours: Can Twitter catch them?

A State Department-sponsored contest will test social media's intelligence-gathering power, asking contestants to find a ring of international jewel thieves.

Agencies flock to Drupal content management system

The Environmental Protection Agency is the latest among more than 150 federal agencies converting their websites to the Drupal open-source content management system.

Microsoft building a government community cloud

Microsoft is developing a multi-tenant, government community cloud to add to the variety of cloud offerings the company provides agencies and businesses.

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