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One-stop cloud marketplace open for feds

NJVC has unveiled a multi-cloud broker service for the federal government that will let agencies try, design and price an array of services from cloud providers before committing to large-scale migration.

Mission-critical apps need major overhaul for the cloud, feds say

Custom-built applications pose a barrier to cloud migration, according to 45 percent of fed IT managers surveyed in new MeriTalk report

In use in-house, company will offer encryption-as-a-service to defense, intell community

Exceptional Software is using CipherCloud to securely move its own CRM and e-mail to the cloud, and plans to offer the technology to its defense and intelligence customers for use in private clouds.

Google drops apps support for IE 8, stranding XPers

Google announced it was discontinuing support for Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Education and Government running on Internet Explorer 8, likely stranding the many XP users in government.

‘Biometrics in a box’ – migrating Windows apps to the Amazon cloud

A hands-on look at migrating biometrics applications to Amazon's cloud.

How county prepared for DDOS attacks at GOP convention

Concerned about being targeted by denial-of-service attacks while hosting the GOP convention, the Hillsborough County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office turned to security-as-a-service.

Smart cities analyze social media to gauge citizen sentiment

The IBM Social Sentiment Index measures public opintion on key issues and services such as education and transportation, helping city officials to make more informed decisions.

What's next in the network: software defined networking

The emerging type of architecture opens up once-closed routers and switches to optimize speed and performance within a network.

Companies, agencies, still struggling with big data's learning curve

Even as enterprises launch big data initiatives, many face gaps in computing power, analytics and workforce skills, CompTIA survey finds.

Upgrade or die: Old vulnerabilities are prime targets

Research at Fortinet confirms that old vulnerabilities are the most exploited. You might want to consider replacing XP with Windows 8, or at least 7.

A secure alternative to cloud-based file sharing?

Axwat MailGate combines security and policy enforcement for sharing files via the cloud.

How analytics can make education a learning experience for teachers

Data mining, analytics and Web dashboards can help fill gaps in education by letting educators study how students learn, a Brookings report says.

How Windows 8 gets in the games

The new OS provides an easy connection to Xbox Live, though that might not be popular with network admins.

Government's 7 top challenges to embracing the cloud

The Government Accountability Office recently released a report that assessed the progress seven agencies have made in implementing the Cloud First policy and came up with their seven top challenges.

Firms cleared to check FedRAMP compliance

The General Services Administration has accredited 12 companies as Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAO) for its Federal Risk and Authorization Management program.

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