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Can the cloud really keep a (government) secret?

National security and emergency preparedness can be shifted safely to the cloud, experts say, provided agencies pay proper attention to details.

FAQ: How to pick a secure cloud provider

There are several essential questions to consider in picking a cloud provider, including what level of security is needed for services your agency is moving

Windows Server 2012 makes a push into the cloud

Microsoft's latest server OS is heavily integrated into the Azure cloud computing system.

Microsoft to release 2 'important' patches Tuesday

Bulletins coming on Sept. 11 Patch Tuesday will include fixes for developer tools and server software.

Are security-savvy execs wary of the cloud?

Organizations with strong security practices are more likely to entrust their data to cloud providers, according to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute.

VMware: Unified, secure mobile management is on Horizon

VMware Horizon Suite will offer secure, flexible management of a mobile workforce that needs increasingly needs anytime, anywhere access from any device.

5 keyboard shortcuts you won't find in Windows 8

The new Microsoft OS will kill some shortcuts you might be used to, but it's not all bad.

Glacier: When slow storage retrieval wins the day

Amazon's cold storage is built for long-term archiving, not fast retrieval.

CipherCloud encrypts data across multiple cloud apps

Connect AnyApp encrypts data in transit, in use and at rest for Web applications and services such as, Gmail, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services.

White House releases code to updated mobile app

Source code for iOS and Android developers is available on GitHub.

Zero-day Java exploit shows how fast hackers have become

Recent attacks illustrate the growing professionalism of malware developers, analyst says.

Bitter end: XP users grudgingly give way to Win 7

Many rejected Vista and resisted Windows 7; what will they make of Windows 8?

One click and help is on the way

Although HelpSTAR2012 is not cheap, cutting downtime and streamlining help desk calls can be worth the money over time.

What OS X Mountain Lion can do for the enterprise

As more agencies adopt Apple's mobile devices, the new OS' security, messaging and synch-ability could make the workplace more efficient and enjoyable.

Navigating the 'unholy' matrimony of mobile and cloud

Mobile computing and the cloud, which each have their own security concerns, have become inseparable.

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