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Texting trumps phone tag for offender outreach

Case workers using Code for America's ClientComm engage probationers via text message.

voting scrutiny (Bakhtiar Zein/

DHS holds classified briefings for state elections officials

The meetings focused on risks states' election infrastructure from foreign adversaries as well as threat mitigation efforts.

Real Time Crime Monitoring Center  (City of New Orleans)

New Orleans opens Real Time Crime Monitoring Center

The command center will use video captured from strategically mounted cameras and license plate scanners to give police real-time assistance during violent crimes.

people voting in California

Election security a high priority -- until it comes to paying for new voting machines

Local election administrators across the country face new problems and threats. But their budgets for new voting equipment remain inadequate.

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Smart grid research on Chattanooga's muni-broadband network

A partnership between the city's Electric Power Board and Oak Ridge National Laboratory is collecting real-time sensor data that will allow the grid to see fluctuations immediately and balance the electrical load.

election security

Shoring up defenses for the midterm elections

Ahead of the upcoming March primaries, election officials are working with federal authorities to maximize the integrity of their voting systems.

flu stats

Fighting the flu with a shot of data

A local health department is using a visualization platform to make its data on weekly flu cases more accessible.

Pennsylvania opioid map

Pennsylvania’s data-driven opioid strategy

A dashboard that tracks opioid prescriptions and emergency department visits helps the Opioid Operational Command Center identify overdose spikes and provide appropriate response.

child support

A shared service for child support enforcement?

The Trump budget calls for an HHS-purchased system all states could use.

How tech can save money for 2020 census

How local governments ensure an accurate census

To get an accurate list of addresses to work from, the Census Bureau enlists the help of state and local governments to update what it has on file.

Colorado gets a leg up on FirstNet deployment

State officials expect their experience testing the demonstration network's capabilities will help as applications and devices come online.

USPS weighs public perception of drone delivery

Governments dream of drone-based development

The Federal Aviation Administration is evaluating applications from state and local governments that want to be a part of the nationwide Unmanned Aerial Systems Integration Pilot Program.

blueprint of city (Panimoni/

Smart cities need to be more human, so we’re creating Sims-style virtual worlds

Agent-based modeling simulates the behavior of individuals as they move around and interact inside a virtual world.

Columbus traffic (aceshot1/

Columbus builds its smart city operating system

The Smart Columbus Operating System will collect, analyze and share data supporting multiple smart city efforts.

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Digital policing requires extensive collaboration

Although a recent survey indicates people want to be able to communicate with law enforcement via texts and social media, many police departments struggle to find a workable platform and process.

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