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Reducing incarceration with technology (ShutterStock image)

Reducing incarceration with technology

Safety and Justice Challenge grant winners are working to address local justice disparities through innovative reforms.

President Trump

Lessons on emergency preparedness from the presidential inauguration

Fast, secure and reliable communication is critical for local emergency managers and law enforcement agencies responsible for major events.

Locking down voting tech (ShutterStock image)

Locking down voting tech

State election officials are making plans to tighten security all along the voting chain -- from voter registration to machine integrity and audit trails -- with help from the Department of Homeland Security under the new critical infrastructure designation.

Facebook Workplace (Facebook)

Workplace by Facebook ramps up agency collaboration

The user-friendly interface isn't just making group discussions easier -- it's fostering conversations that weren’t likely to happen otherwise.

Wiring up the connected city (ShutterStock image)

Wiring up the connected city

The Connected City Blueprint identifies smart cities’ connectivity options, their benefits and the value propositions.

Visualization of Kansas City traffic flow (image from Xaqt)

KC shares its smart city data, best practices

At a recent workshop, Kansas City, Mo., demonstrated how big data can be used to improve city performance.

The debate over muni broadband expansion

The debate over muni broadband expansion

As communities across the country continue to clamor for high-speed broadband, the number of critics speaking out against municipal broadband is growing.

highway accident (image by plasid / Shutterstock, Inc.)

Troopers use ‘big data’ to predict crash sites

Highway patrols are tapping into big data to predict where serious or fatal traffic accidents are likely to take place so they can try to prevent them.

Birmingham gets smart

Birmingham gets smart

Birmingham, Ala., is building a smart city future -- and is starting to see the fruits of its labor.

smart city

5 cities win smart city grants

Five cities were awarded $250,000 worth of technology and consulting services as winners of the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant.

data visualization (ShutterStock image)

Advice for the incoming class of CDOs

A new report aims to flatten the learning curve for new chief data officers.

Data Justice Network

Platform leverages criminal justice data and expertise

A new peer-to-peer criminal justice resource helps officials get fast and comprehensive answers to their questions about how to make better use of data to reduce incarceration and crime.

Can real-time transit data really be open?

Can real-time transit data really be open?

Variations in state and local licensing agreements can raise transaction costs, create barriers and substantially reduce the value of the data, a new report suggests.

smartphone user (ShutterStock image)

County adopts smarter emergency alerting

Berkeley County, W.Va., is implementing a mass public safety notification system.

CIVIQ Smartscapes

County rolls out smart kiosks, transit Wi-Fi

The digital kiosks and Wi-Fi on public transportation will help Miami-Dade County relieve traffic congestion and build a smart city infrastructure.

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