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New York City (

Broadband and IoT in the big city: A conversation with NYC’s CTO Miguel Gamiño

Advances in technology will help make affordable and high-speed connectivity available in every part of the city.

The fixed-wing Precision Hawk Lancaster 5 being launched during the TCL2 Demonstration at Reno (NASA)

NASA tests drone traffic management

The agency wrapped up second-level testing for its cloud-based unmanned aircraft systems traffic management platform.

section of road with solar panels (The Ray)

Building a sustainable ‘highway of the future’

States are experimenting with roadways that create their own clean, renewable energy, drive-thru automated tire safety stations and sensor-embedded highways that transmit data about their condition.

New Mohawk Valley Crime Analysis Center (New York State)

New York spreads crime analysis tech across the state

The Crime Analysis Centers give local law enforcement agencies access to the work done by crime analysts, field intelligence officers and other professionals across the state.

Port Police (Ron Kacmarcik/

Underwater drones ride rising tide of remote management

Unmanned underwater systems are becoming affordable options for inspections of reservoir and water supply systems as well as underwater infrastructure, environmental assessment, law enforcement and port security.

data based sentencing (bluebay/

We use big data to sentence criminals. But can the algorithms really tell us what we need to know?

Data-driven tools cannot make the individual predictions that sentencing decisions require.

consolidation (By tereez/

NJ to consolidate IT infrastructure

The state will move to centralized IT functions, pulling hardware, operations and staff out of the individual departments.

smart city security (By Shaynepplstockphoto/

Report: Securing smart cities

The increased number of internet connections in smart city technologies can mean an increased attack surface for hackers.

email archive

Learning from a long-running digital archive effort

The Library of Virginia is still sorting through 1.3 million emails from former Gov. Tim Kaine’s administration, nearly seven years later.

Boston traffic (Heidi Besen/

Boston takes on traffic by building better data, not more roads

The city is tapping into public, private and ride-sharing data to help it make better decisions, Boston CIO Jascha Franklin-Hodge says.

Maryland e-Road Ready Projects

Mapping out highway maintenance

Maryland e-Road Ready Projects shows planned work on state-maintained roads.

taxi in washington, DC (Tupungato/

Payment apps drive city’s taxi modernization

By partnering with Square, Washington, D.C., can upgrade its legacy metering system and get real-time ridership data.

municipal fiber (Solomonkein/

The risky ROI on municipal broadband

Over half of municipal fiber projects generate negative cash flow, a new report finds.

Miami (pisaphotography/

A growing city tackles sea level rise

Miami is taking a multi-faceted approach to address growing development in an area vulnerable to sea level rise.

people voting in California

DEFCON to target voting machines

This summer’s hacker conference will give attendees a chance to apply their skills to manipulating voting machines.

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