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kansas city (Rudy Balasko/

Analytics platform helps KC anticipate the needs of its citizens

With Xaqt's MetroGraph, Kansas City, Mo., taps into its smart infrastructure -- as well as legacy and open data -- for real-time monitoring and data-driven predictions.

 ‘Clunky,’ low-tech voting system still vulnerable to hacks

DHS: 21 states' voting systems probed by Russian hackers

In some cases the hackers got inside the systems, but their tampering had no connection to vote counts, according to a Department of Homeland Security official.

data to combat homelessness

Iowa City turns to data for holistic health care, justice solutions

Data analytics is helping the city find new ways to combat substance abuse, homelessness, crime and mental health issues.

cell tower (blackzheep/

FirstNet issues state coverage, rate plans

States begin deliberations on whether to opt into FirstNet or develop their own complementary network.

Montgomery County Bikeway reactmap

Interactive bike map helps county get citizen feedback

Montgomery County, Md., built an interactive map that lets users see planned bike routes and comment on different sections of the project.

man texting (Preto Perola/

App gives responders mental health info for better decisions

The RideAlong app aims to keep first responders and people with mental illness safe during interactions.

San Francisco

San Francisco simplifies the hunt for affordable housing

A new housing portal gives applicants a one-stop shop to explore housing options along with a streamlined application and a quicker lottery process.

microphones in a server room

Keep the public involved in tech programs, CTO advises

Cities must be able to demonstrate the value of their technology projects in a way residents can understand.

city on a cloud

AWS announces cloud innovation winners

Louisville, Iowa City and Virginia Beach among the top honorees in Amazon Web Service's 2017 City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge.

traffic (By Predrag Sepelj/

Traffic mitigation tactics for smart cities

Louisville, Ky., plans to expand its fiber optic network and install an intelligent transportation system to ease traffic congestion.

New York City (

Broadband and IoT in the big city: A conversation with NYC’s CTO Miguel Gamiño

Advances in technology will help make affordable and high-speed connectivity available in every part of the city.

The fixed-wing Precision Hawk Lancaster 5 being launched during the TCL2 Demonstration at Reno (NASA)

NASA tests drone traffic management

The agency wrapped up second-level testing for its cloud-based unmanned aircraft systems traffic management platform.

section of road with solar panels (The Ray)

Building a sustainable ‘highway of the future’

States are experimenting with roadways that create their own clean, renewable energy, drive-thru automated tire safety stations and sensor-embedded highways that transmit data about their condition.

New Mohawk Valley Crime Analysis Center (New York State)

New York spreads crime analysis tech across the state

The Crime Analysis Centers give local law enforcement agencies access to the work done by crime analysts, field intelligence officers and other professionals across the state.

Port Police (Ron Kacmarcik/

Underwater drones ride rising tide of remote management

Unmanned underwater systems are becoming affordable options for inspections of reservoir and water supply systems as well as underwater infrastructure, environmental assessment, law enforcement and port security.

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