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election security

Senate bill gives states a leg up in securing elections

A bipartisan bill looks to help state officials better secure their elections systems by providing access to classified information, cyber expertise and funding.

digital city (ShustrikS/

Stronger infrastructure policy will revolutionize everything

Tomorrow's cities will rely on our ability to future proof our infrastructure by marrying technology policy with investment.

Performance Measures dashboard (OpenGov)

Data-driven performance tracking for small governments

OpenGov's Performance Measures lets local officials organize and visualize data collected from individual departments.

What public transit can learn from Uber and Lyft

"Uberizing" public transit services -- bringing them to customers on demand -- can transform our approach to transportation issues.

A federal full-court press for smart cities IT

How federal governments can nurture smart city growth

As cities begin embracing smart technology, national governments can help address funding and interoperability issues.

man working at computer (FrameStockFootages/

Michigan governor signs volunteer cyber corps bill

Under the Cyber Civilian Corps Act, cyber responders can provide technical assistance if the state gets hit by a cyberattack or data breach.

connected kansas city

Kansas City aims to be the smartest city

Free Wi-Fi, smart kiosks, shot spotters, traffic sensors and predictive algorithms will define the future of the city, Kansas City's Bob Bennet says.

DNA analysis (CA-SSIS/

Federal judge unseals New York crime lab's software for analyzing DNA evidence

The ruling comes amid increased complaints by scientists and lawyers that flaws in the now-discontinued software program may have sent innocent people to prison.

police car in the city (Tiko Aramyan/

Philadelphia bringing signal pre-emption tech to first responders

The technology will give first responders the right of way at traffic signals.

man using touchscreen voting machine (Lisa F. Young/

States struggle to upgrade aging voting equipment

Eliminating vulnerabilities in voting equipment would require costly upgrades, better training and built-in security features, officials told a congressional task force.

secure election (WhiteDragon/

Draft guidelines tackle voting security

The latest Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines widen the scope of election security to include voter registration and pre-election practices.

population data (kentoh/

Survey: Cities depend on federal data

Census data informs everything from annual budgets to long-term planning for many cities, a new Sunlight Foundation survey says.

business management (Indypendenz/

Washington state's strategy for tracking IT spending

Washington's Office of the CIO is bringing technology business management to 44 state agencies.

US map

Rebooting the mathematics behind gerrymandering

Representing districts as networks, where the nodes are population units like census blocks and the edges represent proximity or similarity, may be more relevant to today's political realities.

connected city (ShutterStock image)

Uphill climb to the smart city

While they promise substantial benefits, smart cities face several challenges, a new report finds.

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