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Free information need not cost a fortune (Shutterstock image)

Free information need not cost a fortune

Document management software combined with business process automation can not only cut costs but improve access to government records.

Election systems security under increasing scrutiny

Local elections officials are struggling with maintaining and protecting their election systems, despite offers of help from the Department of Homeland Security.

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Platform helps city workers automate government processes

The cloud-based workflow platform lets city workers create “processes” for common tasks that are usually done on paper, in person or by visiting multiple websites.

State improves records response time (ShutterStock image)

Wisconsin improves records response time by 30 percent

After Gov. Scott Walker issued an executive order in March 2016 directing agencies to improve customer service related to records requests, state agencies have been able to meet requests promptly, track requests and facilitate access to electronic records.

line of school buses (ShutterStock image)

School bus routes are expensive and hard to plan. We calculated a better way

By optimizing bus routes with data analysis and mathematical modeling, a school district can save between five and seven percent on the number of buses needed.

taking video at government hearing

Low-cost video tools for opening government

The Government Self-Service Toolkit helps live-stream public meetings and provides automated transcriptions and searchable archival storage.

responder apps (Shutterstock image)

FirstNet makes space for bleeding-edge apps

The nationwide broadband public safety network promises to support emerging technology applications like artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

ERP update halted

Comptroller stops payments for Illinois ERP upgrade

Illinois’s plan to upgrade its legacy enterprise resource planning system hit a wall on March 13 when the state comptroller suspended $27 million in payments to consultants and IT vendors.

Maryland to move human services to the cloud (ShutterStock image)

Maryland to move human services to the cloud

The state's Total Human-services Information Network, or MD THINK, is expected to save money, streamline program operations and increase productivity.

fireworks over columbus ohio (ShutterStock image)

Columbus revs up smart city efforts

The winner of the Smart City Challenge has named a project lead and continues to gather funding and resources.

medication (ShutterStock image)

Absent state action, Missouri localities launch opioid prescription database

In addition to preventing patients from “doctor shopping” for pills, the online prescription drug tracking systems have been used to detect doctors who overprescribe the dangerous medications.

fusion center

Strengthening cyber defenses through fusion center engagement

To measurably reduce cyber vulnerability, state and local governments must interact regularly with fusion centers and encourage more private companies to share information.

doctors looking at laptop (ShutterStock image)

Los Angeles County scores an e-success in managing specialist care

eConsult has reduced wait times and eliminated the need for some patients to see specialists at all.

Boston traffic Rsphotograph /

Boston outlines its transportation future

Boston unveiled a draft of its long-term transportation plan that aims to improve accessibility, safety and reliability.

accessibility (ShutterStock image)

Prepare now for upcoming website accessibility mandates

Although accessibility rules and compliance enforcement are rapidly evolving, municipalities can keep pace with the technology and expertise to deliver effective, transparent and accessible websites.