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Utah keeps contracts under control

The state's Office of Economic Development is streamlining its contracts management process through Conga Contracts, a Salesforce application.

7 steps to securing open government

Seattle's first smart city coordinator gets to work

Kate Garman's challenge: ensuring a cohesive smart city strategy within the city.

smart cities

4 big opportunities for state-level innovation

States should encourage policies to stimulate investment in the digital economy, a Center for Data Innovation report finds.

smart city

Why cities must look to private-sector data sources

The vast amounts of information being collected by consumer apps and services could have a big impact on how cities plan for transportation and land use.

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Speeding litigation prep with cloud-based tech

Lawyers in the Ohio Attorney General's Office are getting a lift from a new cloud-based e-discovery and document analysis platform.

National Governors Association’s new chair, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (NGA)

Governors pivot to energy, transportation innovation

As the new chair of the National Governors Association, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval will focus on helping states prepare for the "ongoing technological transformation of the economy."

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How communities get to IoT

Although federal research and funding are helping communities design replicable internet-of-things projects, integrated, complex ventures are still a challenge, GAO says.

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Michigan tackles opioid abuse with data-sharing platform

The portal integrates electronic health records into the state's prescription monitoring program, giving prescribers and physicians near-instantaneous access to patients' drug histories.

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Unisys launches turnkey cloud services

The company's Digital Government Accelerators are a suite of best practices and tools to help state and local agencies transform their digital operations.

Traffic jam (Predrag Sepelj/Shutterstock)

Tampa revs up connected-vehicle pilot

The city is testing 13 different applications of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.


5 states throw in with FirstNet

Pricing and uncertainty about alternatives have been nagging concerns for states considering joining the nationwide, wireless broadband network for first responders

blockchain (Elnur/

Illinois blockchain pilots take shape

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative is moving forward with five use cases that demonstrate how the distributed ledger technology can work in government.

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Beyond open data: Insights through analytics

A new book promises practical steps for leveraging data to deliver better government.

hacking emergency services

Hacking emergency services: How safe is the 911 system?

Recent breaches in Ohio, Texas and Washington, D.C., illustrate the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of 911 centers and other emergency services infrastructure.

public facing GIS frederick city MD

City turns mapping services into digital do-it-yourself

Frederick, Md., now has a self-service option for consumers and government users who need GIS data.

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