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cybersecurity and fraud

Michigan plans cyber analytics center

The Cyber Threat Analytics Center will use feedback from network sensors, commercially available threat feeds and physical threat modeling to prepare for cyberattacks.

Virginia mobile driver

Virginia pilots mobile driver’s license

Tests of digital driver’s licenses show the potential of the technology, the leader of Virginia’s pilot program says.

CDC Health Indicators Map

Mapping neighborhood-level health indicators

The CDC’s 500 Cities website maps chronic disease indicators at both the city and census-tract level.

cloud for Michigan Gaming Control Board

Michigan bets on cloud-based content management

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is working with Unisys to replace more than a dozen legacy systems with a single, cloud-based application.

trash collection (DRogatnev/

Getting smart on trash collection

Pittsburgh plans to add fill-sensor technology to its trash-collection workflow.

Photograph of San Diego Police ABLE Helicopter taken by Althepal on Wikimedia Commons

San Diego puts internet, GPS in choppers

A partnership between the city and AT&T puts GPS service and a secure two-way network connection in the Airborne Law Enforcement helicopter fleet.

security (ranjith ravindran/

Security depends on data classification

By identifying, organizing and classifying data, states can lay the groundwork for reducing the number of possible breaches, NASCIO finds.

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Fighting tax fraud with electronic IDs

Several states are testing a program that leverages the authentication derived from driver's licenses to ensure tax refunds are sent to their rightful owners.

blockchain (Anton Khrupin/

Illinois taps blockchain to spur government efficiencies

Illinois is experimenting with blockchain in five pilot programs, the state’s CTO Mike Wons told GCN.

global network (Pushish Images/

Police around the world learn to fight global-scale cybercrime

The multinational cooperation involved in successfully taking down the Avalanche network can be a model for future efforts in fighting digital crime.

woman studying computer screen (Dragon Images/

State officials push tech to combat child porn

The Campaign for Child Rescue encourages the use of advanced technology to locate and rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

college student on computer (HQuality/

The secret source for cyber hires

The Scholarship for Service program produces top-quality cyber graduates who have committed to work in government. It's federally funded, but state, local and tribal agencies can reap the benefits.


How Atlanta manages its new traffic headache

CommuteATL, an online platform spun up after the I-85 bridge collapse, helps city officials manage traffic in near real time and provides live updates for drivers.

network monitoring (chombosan/

IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

The robust communications that smart cities are built on requires systematic evaluation and benchmarking to ensure effective delivery of public services.

Traffic in Bangkok (khunballang/

A data-driven approach to deciding on infrastructure investments

By modeling the flow -- of freight, commuters, money or anything else -- across each link of a network, researchers can show where investment will be most beneficial and which projects shouldn’t happen at all.

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