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Year in review: GCN's top tools and tactics for government IT managers

In 2017, we saw plenty of change, with consumer technologies flowing into government offices on one end and fascinating advances on the leading edge of computing.

NYC landmarks interactive map

Mapping NYC's historic landmarks

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission interactive map now includes detailed information on nearly 34,000 historic buildings in the city’s 141 historic districts.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signs bill to make voting easier

NYC to expand online voter registration

New legislation calls for a portal and mobile app that allows residents to submit their information and electronically sign a voter registration form.

Federal 100 winners announced

Last call for FCW's Federal 100 Award nominations

If you know someone doing outstanding work in federal IT, be sure to nominate them by Jan. 3.

AskRail ap

Full service app for railroad emergency response

AskRail app gives responders to a railroad incident details about the cars and their contents as well as resources on handling hazardous materials and maps of nearby facilities.

For sale: 2,719.32669068 government-owned bitcoins

U.S. to sell $10M in seized bitcoin

As the price of bitcoin is skyrocketing, the government looks to cash in.

wrong way sign (BravoKiloVideo/

Technology is turning wrong-way drivers around

A spate of wrong-way crashes across the country in the past five years has pushed state officials to test how technology can prevent the crashes and save lives.

gis data in a disaster

Location intelligence powers next generation emergency response

By infusing mobile, sensor-based data with geographic information, public safety officials can increase situational awareness and improve information analysis.

algorithms in justice

New York City moves to create accountability for algorithms

The New York City Council passed the country’s first bill to address algorithmic discrimination in city government.

digital radio

Massachusetts to upgrade statewide radio system

The statewide system will provide enhanced interoperable communications for the first responder community.

laptop in front of view of city (TaMaNKunG/

With open data, the plan is as important as the portal

One city is dropping its current open-data contract, saying it didn't get what it expected. How can others get the most from their projects?

EAVS Data Interactive

New tool offers unprecedented access to U.S. election data

An interactive version of the 2016 Election Administration and Voting Survey lets users examine a wide range of election-related data at the state and local level, as well as compare jurisdictions side by side.

recognizing objects in traffic (Texas Advanced Computing Center/Center for Transportation Research)

Traffic analysis at the intersection of AI and supercomputing

Artificial intelligence and high-end hardware can automatically analyze video data from traffic cameras and provide actionable information for decision-makers.

responders (FirstNet)

'Ruthless preemption' now live for FirstNet opt-in states

Non-emergency communications will be "shifted to another line" to make room for voice and data traffic from police, firefighters and other emergency personnel.

digital vote (MaxxiGo/

Alabama allowed to discard digital voting records

After a county circuit court judge ordered that digital images from Tuesday's electronic ballots be preserved, the Alabama Secretary of State filed for an emergency stay that was granted by the state's Supreme Court.

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