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Strava heat map (Strava)

Strava map shows the tradeoffs of geo-tracking

As location-based data becomes increasingly important to smart cities, the security and privacy concerns must be addressed.

homeless tents in los angeles (Tero Vesalainen/

Los Angeles maximizes the data from its annual homeless count

The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count tracks the county and city populations annually to qualify for federal funding.

smartphone and city (ponsulak/

Digital services, cyber, cloud priorities for state execs

Although state IT officials expect cloud and digital services adoption to grow, cybersecurity remains their top priority.

knot in network cable (Steve Heap/

State, city IT buyers line up behind net neutrality

Both New York and Montana will require state telecom contracts be awarded only to internet service providers that agree to follow net neutrality principles.

brazos county sheriff

Local law enforcement agencies sign on to FirstNet

The sheriff’s office in Brazos County, Texas, subscribed to the public safety broadband network after participating of one of FirstNet's Early Builder projects.

autonomous vehicle (posteriori/

States embrace benefits of autonomous vehicles

The technology can help states improve safety, expand public transportation and give the elderly and disabled more options, experts say.

traffic ( (Richard Semik)/

Solving congestion with traffic data as a service

Location information from third-party smartphone and navigation applications gives StreeLight Data a near real-time look at around 20 percent of an area's traffic.

communications technology (bluebay/

Making the most of public-safety communications investments

An IP/MPLS public safety network supports today's applications while providing a future-ready platform for tomorrow's innovations.

car in flooded road (USACE)

Virginia Beach puts big data to work as it plans for sea level rise

Tracking rising water levels in Virginia's coastal areas involves IoT, layered technologies and local partnerships.

responder communications

Parsing the 'chaos' of emergency communications

New technology from GlobalFlyte allows users to set up an 3-D audio space to boost comprehension of radio communications.

technology meeting (Sergey Nivens/

How cities can keep up with cascading tech advances

With connectivity and data management solutions evolving so quickly, cities need partnerships to help them stay abreast of technological change, a new report says.

policy checklist

State CIOs stress security, emerging tech and IT consolidation for 2018

The National Association of State CIOs has outlined its legislative priorities, focusing on harmonizing federal cybersecurity regulations, recognizing state authority in emerging technology and ensuring safeguards for shared intergovernmental data.

cigarette butts at the beach (Daleen Loest/

Health agency looks to app for help with litter cleanup

A Montana community is photographing cigarette-related litter to gather data for new policies related to tobacco use.

drones over city (elwynn/

When drones are part of the smart city network

Flying sensor-laden drones will be a major contributor to a smart city's network, experts say.

lady justice (icedmocha/

Study: Sentencing software just as bad at predicting recidivism as untrained volunteers

Researchers found that both a specialty algorithm and untrained volunteers were about 65 percent accurate in predicting recidivism.

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