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How communities get to IoT

Although federal research and funding are helping communities design replicable internet-of-things projects, integrated, complex ventures are still a challenge, GAO says.

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Michigan tackles opioid abuse with data-sharing platform

The portal integrates electronic health records into the state's prescription monitoring program, giving prescribers and physicians near-instantaneous access to patients' drug histories.

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Unisys launches turnkey cloud services

The company's Digital Government Accelerators are a suite of best practices and tools to help state and local agencies transform their digital operations.

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Tampa revs up connected-vehicle pilot

The city is testing 13 different applications of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.


5 states throw in with FirstNet

Pricing and uncertainty about alternatives have been nagging concerns for states considering joining the nationwide, wireless broadband network for first responders

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Beyond open data: Insights through analytics

A new book promises practical steps for leveraging data to deliver better government.

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Illinois blockchain pilots take shape

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative is moving forward with five use cases that demonstrate how the distributed ledger technology can work in government.

hacking emergency services

Hacking emergency services: How safe is the 911 system?

Recent breaches in Ohio, Texas and Washington, D.C., illustrate the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of 911 centers and other emergency services infrastructure.

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City turns mapping services into digital do-it-yourself

Frederick, Md., now has a self-service option for consumers and government users who need GIS data.

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Connecticut maps out cyber strategy

The state's goal is to reduce the likelihood and severity of large cyberattacks by strengthening the awareness and resilience of public and private entities.

Esri ArcGIS Hub

ArcGIS Hub organizes open data around initiatives

Esri's platform lets officials combine their local open data with contributions from colleagues and the community.

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How mapping disasters can help devastated communities rally

Mapping software can help officials make decisions about debris cleanup, the construction of temporary housing and the rebuilding of homes.


Actionable data from a neighborhood analytics platform

Insights from aggregated city data are not only helping High Point, N.C., predict problems with vacant properties, they're also knocking down department data stovepipes.

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NYPD struggles to move crime analysis from Palantir to home-grown system

The data mining firm has declined to give the police department its data in a format it can use for its new system.

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App helps communities align disaster resources

The Mutual Aid Resource Planner app helps emergency management managers create shareable plans for hazard-based scenarios.