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cybersecure new york city

NYC looks to improve cybersecurity, broadband

New York City is looking for partners on its new plan to make the city a global capital for all things cybersecurity.

straight path through maze (

Eliminate the scavenger hunt to improve citizen experience

Digital services platforms can give citizens the government information they need in one place.

How New Jersey fills the cyber info gap

The New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell gives small and medium-sizes businesses a conduit to federal cyber resources.

city financing (Onchira Wongsiri/

Cisco launches smart city financing

Cisco's new City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program offers $1 billion in debt and equity capital financing to cities and smart city services providers.

connected city (chombosan/

Will 5G deepen the digital divide?

Government and industry must ensure that broadband-access gap doesn’t expand when 5G becomes operational, public- and private-sector officials say.

moving bus (Mikbiz/

Esri puts live transit-sensor data on the map

Data from Mobileye's collision detection system will feed into ArcGIS mapping platform, providing a citywide view of pedestrian and cyclist safety to traffic and fleet managers.

Aging voting machines cost local, state governments

Are voting machine hacks overblown?

Breaking into voting machines and altering vote counts is a good deal more difficult than recent election-hacking headlines suggest.

tampa expressway (TampaCVpilot)

Tampa demos connected-vehicle tech to draw volunteers

The city wants 1,600 residents to equip their vehicles with sensors, communications and a notification device as part of a connected-vehicle pilot program.

Kansas city

Funding, fiber, cyber: A recipe for smarter cities

If smart technology is going to become a nationwide reality, the federal government will have to play a role, experts say.

overdose (AppleZoomZoom/

New app maps overdose epidemic in real time

As drug overdoses are reported by responders, ODMAP tracks their time and location, giving authorities real-time information they can use to prepare a response or analyze trends.

cybersecurity (Nata-Lia/

Worried about hackers, states turn to cyber insurance

As the threat from hackers and cybercriminals intensifies, a growing number of states are buying cyber insurance to protect themselves -- and taxpayers.

development platform (Darko 1981/

A product and platform approach to citizen-centric service delivery

When platform capabilities provide product flexibility, services no longer have be built from scratch, speeding application deployment and ensuring interoperability.

compliance (garagestock/

Governors, state CIOs push for streamlined federal cyber regulations

Federal cybersecurity regulations have become a challenge to state governments that are working to consolidate their IT operations.

man pointing at computer (AstroStar/

The state of policy in law enforcement: Technology takes center stage

While the fundamentals of day-to-day duties in law enforcement have stayed the same, technology plays a more significant role in the management and roll out of new policies.

digital acceleration of industries (chombosan/

Michigan joins Cisco's digital acceleration program

The State Digital Acceleration program will help Michigan improve its connected roadways, citizen-centric government and IT workforce.

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