Tech Briefs

Can the cloud really keep a (government) secret?

National security and emergency preparedness can be shifted safely to the cloud, experts say, provided agencies pay proper attention to details.

FAQ: How to pick a secure cloud provider

There are several essential questions to consider in picking a cloud provider, including what level of security is needed for services your agency is moving

How CDC's research cloud went virtual

After consolidating its servers CDC's research lab laid the foundation for managing a virtual infrastructure.

4 tips for making the leap to unified computing

Alaska's enterprise architect offers tips for overcoming migration hurdles to deploying so-called fabric or unified computing.

Unified computing makes Alaska smaller, faster, more secure

A private cloud based on unified computing technology has turned Alaska's IT unit into a versatile services provider for the state.

Unified comm is the next step in 911's evolution

The FCC and Transportation Department are working to establish a transition path to the next generation of 911 services.

A look inside the future of 911 services

Alabama’s Next Generation program plans to move all 911 traffic to an IP network over the next 18 months, paving the way for text, video and photos with emergency calls.

Big data system being tailored for feds

Lockheed Martin and Cleversafe are developing a federal version of the Dispersed Compute Storage solution, which combines Hadoop MapReduce and Cleversafe's dsNet to handle massive computation and storage requirements.

BYOD security: Are agencies doomed to a permanent game of catch-up?

Cybersecurity pros are running to keep up with emerging threats to mobile devices, yet most observers fear government and industry will always lag behind.

5 steps to setting up an agency app store

Building an app store can be the best way to make sure employees are using the right mobile apps. Here's a checklist to help you get there.

How to run a successful coding competition

States and CMS worked upfront to specify goals that will be used to pick winners in a challenge to write software to screen Medicaid providers.

Write once, use 50 times: How CMS' coder challenge will benefit states

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services taps NASA's Tournament Lab for an online competition to develop a new module for Medicaid management.

Should domestic drone regs be loosened?

FAA regulations, including a requirement that UAS operators maintain a visual line of sight with the aircraft, are slowing scientific uses of technology, say developers.

Domestic drones: What are they good for?

It's not just surveillance. As drones used by the military come home, agencies from NASA to NOAA to USDA find they can go where piloted flights cannot.

Consolidation at the crossroads: 4 paths taken

Budget-strapped agencies are looking for savings in e-mail consolidation, whether in a public, private or hybrid cloud. Here's how four organizations did it.

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