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'Cut the crap' and other lessons for new IT projects

Focus on the job you want to accomplish and not on the technology you are using to get the job done, says the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s senior adviser for knowledge management.

Social media helps NRC combat brain drain

NRC has deployed professional networking tools to support online communities of interest that can “get the information that is needed to the right person” quickly and simply.

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 to manufacturers

Microsoft today announced that its new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system has been released to hardware manufacturing partners.

Microsoft gets philosophical about IE 9 Chakra pains

The Microsoft Internet Explorer team on Wednesday described some of the decisions being made to accommodate the ECMAScript 5 spec in Internet Explorer 9.

One Bing now rules them all in U.S. and Canada

Microsoft announced that it has completed integrating its Bing search engine technology into Yahoo's U.S. and Canadian Web portals.

Microsoft warns of DLL flaw involving remote servers

Microsoft issued a security advisory this evening about an old hacking trick that could affect Windows systems via remote servers.

Microsoft updates Security Compliance Manager tool

Microsoft on Friday issued an update of its Security Compliance Manager tool, which helps IT pros set security policies for some Microsoft software.

Report looks at Microsoft Office alternatives

Organizations have been considering alternatives to Microsoft Office, but not as replacements quite yet.

W3C launches Web performance working group

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) today announced a new Web Performance Working Group that aims to more accurately measure Web app performance times.

AV-Test certifies security products on Windows 7

AV-Test this week published certification results for 19 software security products running on Windows 7.

Intel to acquire McAfee for $7.68B

Blockbuster deal will let Intel provide hardware-based security.

Microsoft offers new SQL Server migration tools

Microsoft today updated some of its free tools to help users move to Microsoft SQL Server and released a new Oracle MySQL migration tool.

6 reasons to worry about cybersecurity

The adoption of new technologies and platforms, such as cloud computing and social networking, opens new avenues for increasingly sophisticated attacks. Meanwhile, old methods of attacks are getting smarter.

Risk management: The answer to security, or the problem?

The rubric of risk management is too often used to give a pseudo-scientific veneer to the acceptance of risk in IT systems and should be replaced by an objective standard of care, said Brian Chess, chief science officer at Fortify.

Microsoft issues new Windows security advisories

Microsoft issued even more details about Windows security concerns, even after releasing its August security update on Tuesday.

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