Tech Briefs

Nokia donates Java Runtime to Symbian Foundation

In an effort to make it easier for Java developers to build applications for its Symbian-based mobile devices, Nokia is contributing the 2.1 version of its Java Runtime implementation to the open-source Symbian Foundation.

Microsoft releases SP1 Beta for Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft today announced the beta release of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Microsoft delivers July security patch

Microsoft, as expected, released four fixes in its July security update. Three are rated "critical" and one is deemed "important."

Windows Intune Beta 2 service now available

Microsoft rolled out a second beta of its Windows Intune service on Monday, but availability is limited.

Microsoft releases Windows deployment toolkit update

Microsoft today released an updated version of its free Windows and Microsoft Office 2010 deployment tool.

Need to crack someone else's password?

Tool lets investigators harness the power of distributed computing to search for and crack passwords and crypto keys.

Microsoft partner tracks data on UK homeless

A Microsoft partner has created a system for storing the information of homeless people in Birmingham, U.K.

Will digital certificates replace passwords?

Passwords have long been the standard for identity authentication. But there are limits to memory and scalability with every technique for generating and managing them, and eventually convenience and security clash. Is it time to move to digital certificates?

Access control: Feds search for scalable solution

There are many practical technologies for verifying identity online. But tailoring them to meet the varied and growing demands for identity management and access control remains a challenge.

New space race is on for satellite positioning systems

The United States' monopoly on satellite positioning systems will soon end as other nations build their own constellations of navigation satellites.

Researchers bypass Microsoft to report Windows flaws

Researchers last week described some issues that possibly affect the security of Windows systems and their components.

Fixing the flaws in North American maps

Twentieth-century mapping techniques have not kept pace with 21st-century geospatial technology, and the National Geodetic Survey has begun a 10-year program to update the National Spatial Reference System that the nation’s mapping and surveying are built on.

Microsoft releases Network Monitor 3.4

Microsoft on Thursday released Network Monitor 3.4, the latest version of its free network protocol analyzer.

Itronix offers four new thin-client Tadpoles

General Dynamics serves up four new ultra-thin client computers in its Tadpole line.

Google deemed 'most disruptive' in mobile market

Google is set to disrupt the mobile communications industry with its mobile operating system, according to Strategy Analytics.