Tech Briefs

Flash: New Android release offers what Apple won't

Version 2.2. of Google's Android operating system has added Flash, which Apple has resisted allowing on the iPhone, and tethering, which the iPhone doesn't yet have.

Microsoft launches Expression Studio 4

Microsoft updates its Web and application design suite with streamlined features and support for Visual Studio 2010 projects.

Microsoft's June patch cycle to bring 10 updates

Remote code execution exploit considerations are the subject of six patches, trailed by three elevation-of-privilege fixes and a rare tampering risk patch.

DNSSEC's early adopters provide test beds for others

Experience gleaned in the .edu and .org domains helps to prepare for the widespread adoption of DNS Security Extensions.

Where mobile IP goes, security concerns follow

As mobile devices become more powerful, they offer new options for communications and new security challenges, too.

How DNSSEC provides a baseline of Internet security

The DNS Security Extensions provide a baseline of Internet security by assuring the authenticity of query responses.

Can .gov trust .com?

Efforts to deploy DNS Security Extensions picking up steam, with all root zone servers and several Top-Level Domains, such as .gov, digitally signed. But until all domains are ready, DNSSEC is only creating island of trust.

Mobile IP is the voice -- and data -- of the future

Distinctions among voice, video and data blur as users demand anytime, anywhere communications.

MapInfo Stratus takes to the cloud

Pitney Bowes Business Insight introduces MapInfo Stratus, an application that lets users access location data via cloud computing.

Microsoft should get a tablet partner, report says

Microsoft's Windows consumer empire is at stake if it doesn't quickly find a tablet device manufacturing partner.

Global Graphics software fuses documents

Global Graphics’ gDoc Fusion 2.5 lets users combine spreadsheets, text, images and PDFs into a single document.

Management report tool for Dynamics ERP released

Microsoft on Tuesday released a corporate-finance management reporting solution for its Dynamics ERP products.

Overheating batteries lead to HP laptop recall

Hewlett-Packard Co. is recalling 54,000 lithium-ion batteries used in its Pavilion and Compaq laptops.

Enterprises preparing for move to Windows 7

A report issued on Wednesday by Forrester Research chronicles the declining use of Windows XP, as well as Internet Explorer 6, as staples of the corporate desktop.

Microsoft issues security advisory on Windows Aero

Microsoft released a security advisory on Tuesday concerning a Windows component involved with desktop graphics display.

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