Tech Briefs

Secrets of an IT consolidator

Getting the most out of consolidating a distributed, siloed IT environment requires management, fair deals and not being a bully.

3 tips on e-mail consolidation

State CIOs who have finished e-mail consolidation projects suggest starting small, communicating widely and considering a tiered services approach.

How Michigan's consolidation plan kept wolverines from the door

Over the past decade, Michigan's Department of Information Technology has cut costs by consolidating resources and standardizing its approach to better meet the needs of the state's agencies.

Army to march with Androids, and other feds could follow

The Army's mobile device efforts are gaining momentum, and the effort could potentially reach across the entire federal government.

DOD moves toward mobile device buys

As the department works out details on how to manage them, it is taking tentative steps toward acquiring handhelds.

NASA: Prize money a bargain for better software

The agency's Tournament Lab provides production-ready software to NASA and academic data to Harvard at bargain prices. And coders can cash in, too.

Will competitive coding replace in-house development?

There always will be a need for internal staff members, but if the competitive outsourcing model catches on, their role could change.

Digital dragnet: How data became a cop's best weapon

Police are using technologies originally developed for business analysis to investigate cases, catch criminals and even predict crime trends.

Broadband network grants should boost employment

A $45 million grant to help double the size of a nonprofit regional network is expected to add hundreds of jobs in the Northeast Ohio Rust Belt.

Broadband nonprofit shines light on Rust Belt economy

A $45 million federal recovery grant is helping the OneCommunity development program build out a 1,800-mile high speed regional network for Northeast Ohio being used by area governments, educational institutions and health care providers.

Bandwidth aggregation is no silver bullet for emergency communications

Link aggregation can stretch budgets and improve performance, but it is not a panacea.

VOIP 911: A low-cost way to expand emergency comm

Arizona's Maricopa regional 911 system is using virtual wide-area network technology to help manage the transition to full wireless and Internet-routed emergency voice communications.

To keep nimble, Census turns to CRM cloud

Cloud-based customer relationship management system gives Census 360-degree view of data gathered by the thousands of partners that help conduct the census.

The devil is in the data grooming

Getting data cleaned up and in and out of the cloud must be driven by a defined process and deliverable schedule.

Delaware gives one voice to VOIP

Centralizing telephony operations allows the state's IT shop to become an internal VOIP service provider, simplifying services and cutting costs.

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