Tech Briefs

Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket with redundant networking

Delaware is providing backup bandwidth via session controllers that pass it onto a carrier network located in separate data centers.

A sensing probe in every car?

Sensors in new cars could track bad weather, pinpoint road congestion and prevent crashes.

NWS goes trucking for hard-to-reach data

The National Weather Service's MoPED – Mobile Platforms for Environmental Data – is part of a program exploring the use of vehicle fleets as a roving platform for remotely sensing weather data.

The wireless IP explosion

Global IP traffic will approach the zettabyte range by 2015, and wireless systems will carry the majority of the load, according to a CISCO report.

New Jersey mashes up to keep traffic moving

The New Jersey Department of Transportation is making traffic data from a variety of sources available to drivers through multiple channels, including interactive voice response systems for phones and a new website.

To defeat phishing, Energy learns to phish

Filters won't catch every threat, so Energy and other agencies have gone phishing themselves, using training and penetration tests to beef up employees' knowledge of attacks.

7 secrets of IT consolidation success

Seven recommendations for data center consolidation, including preparing a current usage survey and using automation tools.

Census consolidation by the numbers

A snapshot of the Census Bureau's server virtualization project highlights the key points of its move toward a virtual private cloud.

The stumbling blocks of IT consolidation

Combining resources undoubtedly pays off, but getting there isn't easy. Here's how state, local and federal agencies are dealing with the hurdles.

FCC plans to OK cellular boosters, despite objections

The FCC proposes that the benefits of signal boosters outweigh disadvantages by improving wireless service in rural areas and in buildings.

With cellular boost, a longer arm of the law

Yavapai County, Ariz., is larger than some states, with spotty mobile communications, but tools to boost the power of cellular modems bring data to sheriff's patrol cars through most of the sprawling county.

EPA's 5 priorities for IT success

The EPA's CIO has set five priorities for driving IT management in a time of fiscal restraint.

The 67 percent solution: A CIO confronts the budget squeeze

EPA's new CIO, Malcolm Jackson, proposes five steps to making progress on IT during a time of doing "three things with the same dollars that we used to do two things with."

Next ARM chip will add muscle to smart phones, tablets

The Cortex-A15, which promises to boost smart-phone and tablet PC performance fivefold, is the latest example of why mobile devices could soon overtake PCs.

DOD aims to send health records via any device, to any user

The Defense Department's ultimate goal is to supply clinical applications anywhere users are — in a hospital, aboard a ship or on the battlefield.

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