Tech Briefs

DOD aims to send health records via any device, to any user

The Defense Department's ultimate goal is to supply clinical applications anywhere users are — in a hospital, aboard a ship or on the battlefield.

Need a way to control network access? Government already has it.

Role-based access control, first formally proposed by NIST scientists in 1992, has become the standard for managing access to IT resources and has saved the U.S. economy billions of dollars.

It's all semantics: A glossary of machine-to-machine communications

These key terms to help elucidate the National Information Exchange Model and semantics.

Is government ready for the semantic Web?

The government has been slow to take up semantic technology, but a relatively obscure interagency XML project could provide a much-needed boost in fields such as law enforcement and health care.

Health care field is fertile ground for semantic tech

The health care domain featured one of the earliest uses of semantic technology in the public sector — and it could also fuel adoption in NIEM.

5 steps to going from 'Flintstones to Jetsons'

With the county flat broke and the local automobile industry reeling from the economic downturn, Wayne County, Mich., got creative in leaving the IT Stone Age behind.

E-government at work in Wayne County, Mich.

Faced with dwindling resources, Wayne County, Michigan officials had to take innovative steps in order to deliver quality, cost-effective taxpayer services.

Telework success tip: One step at a time

Much of the technology already is in place to enable teleworking in agencies. The challenge is implementing it with policies in manageable increments.

Federal telework to-do list

The Telework Enhancement Act is calling agencies to set up telework policies and programs by June 9.

Who's working on Android security defenses?

Some of the top names in the business are, that's who.

The tech that makes anti-terrorism tip lines effective

Fusion centers are trying new tools for using intelligence databases across states lines, which come in handy after a new government program for reporting suspicious activity gets into high gear.

Fighting terrorism with technology

Technology from SAS, Microsoft, i2 and IxReveal is being used in state fusion enters to search intelligence data and reporting from myriad sources.

Will agencies 'dance with the Ewoks' on IPv6?

OMB has set deadlines for enabling the new Internet protocols on government systems, but agencies must begin dealing with operational challenges immediately.

Agencies, choose your clouds – here are the 3 basic options

Should you build one in-house, tap the public cloud or let GSA broker a deal for you? The choice is yours, but you better make it soon.

Why the time is now for IPv6 (and it's not for lack of IPv4 addresses)

IPv4 addresses won't disappear immediately, but their depletion will signal the growth of real-world use of IPv6 and infrastructure. And service and content providers will need to become serious about supporting the new protocols.

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