Tech Briefs

The book on the PlayBook

BlackBerry's PlayBook will run a new operating system designed specifically for tablet computers.

Will the BlackBerry PlayBook score with feds?

The expected release of the BlackBerry tablet computer this spring has government IT managers pondering the the impact of powerful tablet computers on their agencies. A site for the independent-minded

State's portal gives easy online access to 'walk-in' services. A site with the right priorities

City's site puts the business of government first with visitors. The outer reaches of cyberspace

Agency's site builds on user feedback to expand its audience. A front door to state agencies

State's site combines topic areas with links to local directories.

Bay Bridge 360: Swaying the public interest

California DOT's multimedia sites keeps public updated on a massive project. Point, click, follow the money

Interactive mapping presents information, makes data more accessible, informative.

10 great public-sector websites

Federal, state and local Web managers are getting the message that public-facing websites must be useful, easily accessible and interactive for visitors, as this year's roundup of great government sites shows. A portal in the storm

Portal provides relief point for disaster survivors to access and apply for assistance. Measuring America

Interactive, multimedia features give visitors the past and present of U.S. population.

Albany, Ore.: Minding the public purse

City's website lets people track where their taxes go. Open gov meets open source

With a site powered by the open-source Drupal content management system, the administration sets a template for transparency.

It could be 'make or break' time for DNS security

Despite groundwork to prepare the Internet's infrastructure for the DNS Security Extensions, adoption of DNSSEC has been disappointingly slow.

5 cyber threats to watch out for this year

Security pros see danger for 2011 in the proliferation of mobile consumer devices, sophisticated malware and the expansion of political conflict into cyberspace. On the brighter side, better law enforcement and the cloud might help make things better.

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