• Congress

    After Target cyberattack, Congress votes to do precisely nothing

    In response to the “very real and serious nature of the cyberthreat today,” the latest version of the National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act would ensure that nothing changes.

  • STEM

    Drumbeat of data breaches sounds computer literacy alarms

    The U.S. educational system is failing to address the rising demand for computer-savvy students, and the result is evident in the increasingly bigger and more serious data breaches.

  • mobile security

    Secret to BYOD: Make security an enabler

    Blocking access to sensitive data by mobile workers in the end is counterproductive. Instead, it’s better to protect data by incorporating better access controls in the technology itself.

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  • target

    Scoring cybersecurity hits and misses for 2013

    Predictions are easy; accurate predictions are harder. Here’s how we did last year in predicting cybersecurity trends for 2013.

  • cloud security

    Locking down cloud applications

    The Cloud Security Alliance and SAFECode have identified best practices for developing applications that meet the unique security requirements of cloud computing.

  • powerplant

    DHS drafts network protection plan, but Congress dithers

    The National Infrastructure Protection Plan being developed by DHS is intended to help define and facilitate a voluntary alliance between government and private infrastructure owners.

  • security

    Improving federal cybersecurity need not depend on Congress

    NIST continues to expand security guidance for government and private-sector IT systems that choose to use it, in spite of Congress' inability to pass cybersecurity legislation.

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  • US and China at odds over cyberspace

    Can't the United States and China just get along in cyberspace?

    A report from the EastWest Institute's recent summit on cooperation in cyberspace suggests a model for easing the poisonous relationship that is growing between two cyber superpowers.

  • Sextant against digital sea background

    How can cybersecurity improve if the problem can't be measured?

    A proposal for accurately measuring the scope of cybersecurity problems and charting progress is being presented at the EastWest Institute's international summit on cyberspace.

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  • HealthCaregov test checklist

    Lesson from A launch is no time for a beta test

    The past month of problems and de-bugging on the Affordable Care Act portal has not been so bad, if you think of it as a beta.

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  • IoT analytics platform

    Modern data analytics for public safety IoT