• Different cybersecurity word clouds on two facing monitors

    Built-in security could start with a common lexicon

    As part of efforts to secure government infrastructure, an interagency working group is developing plans for cybersecurity requirements in federal acquisitions, which would benefit from a consistent terminology.

  • Fingerprint scan

    Biometrics: Better than passwords but not bulletproof

    Government and industry experts think biometric authentication is poised to take off, but fingerprints, iris scans and voice recognition are not foolproof forms of ID.

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  • White House official twitter feed

    Should agencies really have 'official' Twitter feeds?

    Social media outlets were never intended as mission-critical applications; recent events show why.

  • Many state and local government networks are unprepared for cyberattacks

    Many state and local networks unprepared for cyberattacks

    IT officials at a recent conference said efforts to protect their infrastructure are hampered by a lack of resources and a lack of understanding from those who make funding decisions.

  • Engineer checking servers for audit

    Is 'fear the auditor' holding back real IT security?

    The emerging focus on automating IT security raises the question: will agencies automate FISMA compliance or risk management?

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  • IP phone network hacker

    In a world of unified networks, phones are easy prey for hackers

    As voice becomes just another data service, telephones are opened up to increasing denial-of-service threats from the Internet.

  • Network printers can become hosts for Distributed Reflection Denial of Service attacks

    How hackers can turn the Internet of Things into a weapon

    As more unsecured devices become IP-enabled for remote management or as part of sensor networks, the possibilities for attack grow.

  • For DARPA, it's all about surprises

    In its effort to keep the U.S. military out front with its technology, DARPA finds itself competing with its own successes.

  • Cyberattacks targeting manufacturers

    Cyber attacks shift from agencies to IT suppliers

    Although direct attacks against agency systems have decreased, attackers appear to be targeting upstream companies to get around government defenses, Symantec says.

  • Ghost in a data center

    Is the next big cyber threat lurking in government systems?

    Former Air Force CIO Lt. Gen. William Lord (retired) says the installed base of outdated code in government systems is "the next Achilles' heel."

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  • network monitoring (chombosan/

    IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

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