• Security conscious meerkats watching for danger

    Do the security conscious see something we don't?

    A recent survey of security behavior seems to show a shift away from IE and paid antivirus products in favor of Chrome, Firefox and free antivirus tools.

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  • IPv6 killer apps Internet globe images

    Killer app for IPv6? It’s the Internet.

    According to readers, the driving force for moving to IPv6 is to keep the Internet alive and well.

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  • Woman waiting under a clock

    Will IPv6 ever have a killer app?

    The push for IPv6 so far has been all stick and no carrot. Do agencies switch because OMB says so or because they're afraid of running out of IPv4 addresses? Do readers know what will make everyone want to move?

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  • Egg cracking as it is squeezed in a vise

    Will agencies get squeezed on cybersecurity technology?

    With cyber threats to government systems growing, budget woes will hamper projects to develop tools needed to monitor, evaluate and mitigate risks, DHS secretary warns.

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  • Exhausted runners after a race

    Can federal cybersecurity survive the sequester?

    An optimistic scorecard predicts that agencies will meet 95 percent of their priority goals by the end of fiscal 2014, but the race to the finish looks more like a slog than a sprint.

  • Two fists indicating US China disagreements

    Fight cyber with cyber, or hit 'em where it hurts?

    Many cybersecurity practitioners say, "forget the attacker, focus on the risk," but there is a growing consensus that the best way to combat cyber espionage is with political and economic responses.

  • Mandiant phishing report on hook as bait

    Report about hacking becomes spear-phishing bait

    Attacks are targeting Asian journalists using a recent high-profile report on Chinese hacking from the security company Mandiant.

  • Snake hidden in the sand

    Hackers' new trick for slithering through sandboxes

    Malware writers develop find new tactics to avoid detection while waiting for a chance to infect systems.

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  • Two knights facing each other on chess board

    China's cyber spying: Time for a Cold War response?

    CSIS fellow Jim Lewis says we need to bring a full range of diplomatic and intelligence resources to bear against Chinese incursions into U.S. systems, not just beef up cybersecurity.

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  • Auditor works on checklist while man puts out fire in background

    FCC vs. GAO: Haste = waste, or he who hesitates is lost?

    FCC was upbraided by auditors for cutting corners in upgrading network security. Did the commission create unnecessary risk or just do what was necessary?

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  • Millions of formerly secret CIA documents available online (Photo by ShutterStock)

    Millions of formerly secret CIA documents available online