Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

  • Astronaut in space reaching for a pizza

    NASA could take 3D food printing to Mars, and beyond

    The agency wants to test 3D food printing for long space flights, a plan that could have larger implications down the road.

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  • User manipulating map with Leap gesture controller

    Leap Motion shows how gesture control can beat touch screens

    The company's new controller, due in July, can give desktop users touch-like control, without the touch, of Windows 8.

  • Quantum computer at D-Wave

    NASA, Google to explore quantum computing in AI project

    The new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA Ames will use the incredible speed and unique approach of quantum computing to try to advance machine learning.

  • Fujitsu CAC reader

    When it comes to technology, government is a unique animal

    The products and features drawing big crowds on the FOSE show floor would be ignored most anywhere else.

  • Man with head in hands despairing over computer crash

    The key to surviving the Blue Screen of Death blues

    When the dreaded screen hits, as it did for John Breeden II recently, it's best to have already expected the worst.

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  • Trojan horse

    Trojan horses gain inside track as top form of malware

    In the latest report from Panda Security, analysts found that Trojan Horses accounted for 80 percent of new malware infections.

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  • NASA Fermi telescope nearly collides with Cosmos spacecraft

    NASA's close call underscores the dangers of space junk

    Agencies rely on satellites more than ever, but it's getting crowded up there.

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  • Hammer coming down on stack of hard disks

    3 ways to destroy data without taking it to Mount Doom

    There are some myths about data destruction, but making sure information can't be retrieved from a hard drive isn't that hard.

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  • UDOO open hardware low cost computer

    Can $100 UDOO computer trump the Raspberry Pi?

    A group is developing a bare computer on a board, like the Pi, but with a quad core processor and a host of features.

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  • Image on neural network in a brain

    How a simulated brain outperforms supercomputers

    Neurogrid, a small, low-power system created by researchers at Stanford, could improve brain and mental illness research.