• Vs of big data

    Big data: How to know it when you see it

    Big data is often described by its Vs: volume, velocity, variety, variability and veracity.

  • Food safety agency plans online services to streamline press, public notice distribution

    The Agriculture Department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service wants to upgrade its system to distribute publications in print and online.

  • organizations suffer from common data quality errors

    U.S. organizations say a third of their data is bad

    A global study discovers that organizations suffer from three common data quality errors: incomplete or missing data, outdated information and inaccurate data.

  • USGS releases open-source groundwater toolkit

    A new open-source toolbox will allow users to view and analyze groundwater information.

  • NIST issues final guidance for mobile app security

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Vetting the Security of Mobile Applications aims to help organizations assess the security and privacy risks associated with mobile apps.

  • NIST retires security standards

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology is proposing to withdraw six Federal Information Processing Standards from its roster because of their obsolescence or lack of support from developers.

  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

    Harrisburg U builds cybersecurity center for state, local gov

    Sponsored by IT heavyweights, the new center of excellence is focused exclusively on safeguarding state and local government data and systems from unauthorized access.

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  • IT spending in SLED market outside IT shops

    Low-tech sectors to see more IT spending

    A recent report from Onvia details areas where IT is growing in state and local governments while technology investment growth has stalled elsewhere.

  • PIN and chip card

    Air Force to issue smart travel cards

    The Air Force will start providing chip and PIN travel cards to protect against fraud and identity theft.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Government now available

    CRM Online for Government is based on the Microsoft Dynamics’ public cloud offering, designed to meet government security requirements.

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  • Phishing

    Phishing is still a big problem, but users can help shrink it

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