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DHS to showcase cybersecurity research

DHS to showcase cybersecurity research

The Department of Homeland Security funds a variety of cybersecurity research through academia, small businesses, industry and government and national labs. On Feb. 17-19, DHS will showcase some of the results of that funding.

The 2016 Cyber Security Division R&D Showcase and Technical Workshop, held in Washington, D.C., will highlight the status of the latest cybersecurity research, enable collaboration among the researchers and government agencies and connect the technologies to transition partners. 

The showcase will feature 10 innovative technology solutions from the Cyber Security Division’s portfolio that have potential for commercialization.  The workshop portion will feature over 70 presentations, highlighting the work of Cyber Security Division’s principal investigators. Topics to be covered include:

  • Cybersecurity research infrastructure
  • Human-centric cybersecurity
  • Identity management and data privacy
  • Network and system security
  • Software assurance
  • Trustworthy cyber infrastructure

Both events are open to both public and private sector cybersecurity professionals. Those interested in attending can register here.

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Austin 311

Austin wants 311 app feedback

Austin, Texas, is asking users for feedback on its performance and how to improve its Austin 311 app.

The app, which has been available since July 2014, lets residents connect with the city to make requests for 23 services -- including graffiti removal, pothole and sidewalk repair and reporting waste water. Although the app has been downloaded more than 13,000 times, there are only a handful of reviews on Google Play and the iTunes store.

App users are encouraged to leave feedback on the app at SpeakUpAustin.

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Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition

Census launches web tool for regional data analysis

The Census Bureau has released a new web application that allows planning and economic development users to explore regional data from the Bureau’s economic programs and the American Community Survey.

The Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition, which is now available in beta,  allows users to select the economic sector, location, and data variable via an interactive map.

This is the second edition of the app and incudes a new feature that allows users to create a report from an entire region and individual business sectors within the region. Additional features include trend charts that identify changes over time for data, the ability to compare data with neighboring countries and downloadable and printable reports with regional summary and county-level information.

Users of the web tool are encouraged to email feedback to census.cofb@census.gov

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CBP intercepts drug-smuggling drone

CBP intercepts drug-smuggling drone

A new reason for government to get a handle on unmanned aerial systems surfaced this week, when Customs and Border Protection announced that CBP agents had recovered a 30.8 pounds of marijuana dropped from a drone near San Luis, Ariz. The drone delivery was the latest example of how drug smugglers “experiment with different techniques in an attempt to bring narcotics and other harmful contraband into the United States,” said Chief Patrol Agent Anthony J. Porvaznik. He said such efforts were in reaction to CPB’s “highly effective enforcement techniques.”

Yuma Station border patrol agents on Nov. 16 observed the octocopter-style drone illegally entering the San Luis airspace from San Luis, Rio Colorado, Mexico. Agents using night-vision goggles followed the drone to its drop point, where they discovered three bundles of marijuana weighing about 10 pounds each. The pot had an estimated value of $15,430.

Last year's crash of a small drone onto the White House lawn, and incidents in California where drone-flying hobbyists disrupted firefighting efforts, have prompted a search for stronger detection and defensive measures. Border security could provide another incentive.

“Our agents’ vigilance was responsible for detecting this particular drone event, but we always encourage members of the public to assist our efforts by contacting the Border Patrol upon seeing suspicious activity,” Porvaznik said. 

This article is based on an earlier report from our sister site FederalSoup.

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Adel Ebeid

Philadelphia looking for a new CIO

One of the first jobs for Philadelphia’s new mayor, Jim Kenney, will be finding a new chief innovation officer following the resignation of Adel Ebeid late last year.

Ebeid was the city's first CIO, and before that served as the CIO/CTO for the state of New Jersey. Under his management, Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology expanded services provided to city agencies and citizens, embarked upon a citywide technology modernization effort to secure and stabilize the city’s technology portfolio and expanded on the success of open data and geospatial initiatives.

“I feel extremely proud of what the team has been able to accomplish over the last four years,” Ebeid said before he left. “From day one, we focused on building an organization that can sustain change in the future, and I’m proud to leave behind a team who will continue to drive the technology modernization agenda.” 

Ebeid will start this new position as the president for innovation and technology of sustainability company Green Diamond Solutions.

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