A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more intelligent future -- GCN


A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more intelligent future ... Dashboards originated to protect passengers from being splashed by water and mud ... With the advent of motorized carriages, dashboards featured gauges and controls ...


The open, efficient, machine-readable government -- GCN


... of publishing agency performance plans in StratML format, with the stakeholders of ... The StratML standard is particularly relevant to McKinsey’s finding that a primary problem with government performance is failure to apply outcome-based ...


EPA looks to improve data aggregation with APIs -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... Twitter ... , standard, machine-readable format like StratML and regulated firms could likewise publish their performance reports in StratML format, linking their performance indicators to the .gov objectives they ...


Government performance data: Let's make it open, machine-readable and permanent -- GCN


The vision of the StratML standard is highly expansive: A worldwide web of intentions, ... This is where StratML may be leveraged in the sharing, indexing, referencing, ... GPRAMA is an important step and StratML an important development.


NIST lays out roadmap for cloud computing -- GCN


Linkedin ... Google ... Consistent with EO 13642 and section 10 of the GPRA Modernization Act (GPRAMA), the roadmap is now available in open, standard, machine-readable StratML format at http://xml.fido.gov/stratml/drybridge/index.htm#USGCCTR


State Department wants a website for country performance analytics -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... Linkedin ... Eventually, performance indicators that are matters of public record should be published on the Web in an open, standard, machine-readable format like StratML Part 2, Performance Plans and Reports.


House Blue Dogs propose commission to kill programs -- GCN


StratML . another bogus SOA idea. enough with the bogus SOA junk. ... Congress should also direct agencies to use StratML to comply with the provisions of ... post their strategic plans on the Web in Strategy Markup Language (StratML) format.


Consensus is growing for the reform of flawed FISMA -- GCN


... Information Assurance Research and Development is available in StratML format at http://xml.gov/stratml/drybridge/CSIAPlan.xml The goals established for ... LOB are available at http://xml.gov/stratml/drybridge/ISSLOB.xml ISPAB's plan is at ...


Social media provides new ways for agencies to listen -- GCN


Used in combination with the Strategy Markup Language (StratML) standard (ANSI/AIIM 21:2009), social media ... For more information, see http://www.aiim.org/pressrelease/new-industry-standard-StratML.aspx & http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm


5 technology waves to ride in 2009 -- GCN


... s XML Community of Practice and co-author of the Strategy Markup Language (StratML). ... Last month, Ambur posted a version of the Obama agenda in the StratML format so citizens, lobbying and advocacy groups, and others could easily parse it.


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