Fairfax County builds searchable crime-data mapping app -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... RSS ... Fairfax County builds searchable crime-data mapping app ... As GML is a form of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), a search engine built by software firm MarkLogic can read the geographic data natively.


Indiana data hub powers efficiency, data-driven solutions -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... RSS ... Based on the Socrata platform, the site has certificates of occupancy, development and residential permits and other data sets available for download in several formats, including Excel, PDF, JSON and XML.


Library of Congress plans geospatial search engine -- GCN


... engine software solution” would let staff collect data in a variety of formats and sources, including geospatial data sets, digital images, text files, .xml, PDFs and other common file formats, the LOC said in a solicitation on FedBizOpps.


NNSA tests cloud-based radiation data collection network -- GCN


The IPT is defining the requirements, workflow, data elements, XML schemas, web services and other resources necessary for the RadResponder network. ... the existing New Jersey Radiation data exchange (XML schemas, web service definitions).


LOC recommends formats for preservation of software, data sets -- GCN


Linkedin ... Facebook ... Preferred formats are widely adopted marketplace standards, including XML, JSON, CSV, TSV and Excel. ... Metadata should include all applicable metadata, data dictionaries, XML schemas and technical specifications.


NIST's future without the NSA -- GCN


Will the National Institute of Standards and Technology break its close relationship ... That seems very likely following a recent report by an outside panel of experts, and it ... County mixes data center options with reference architecture


API offers real-time parking data for cities, universities -- GCN


City governments, universities and transit agencies can now add real-time parking ... The ParkerData Availability API is a RESTful service that is delivered in JSON or XML format and is access restricted via a unique authorization key.


GPO's FDsys: 1 billion items served and ready for more -- GCN


FDsys uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) and an ISO standard format for archival ... Metadata is provided in XML, which allows documents to be encoded in a format that is human and machine readable, making it ideal for documents being ...


JSON vs. XML and the impact of design decisions -- GCN


I wrote and taught a training course on XML two years before it was a standard (XML 1.0 became a W3C Recommendation on February 10, 1998) ... Second, XML schema allows users to validate whether an XML document is correct before transmission.


USAID enhances open data toolset -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... With a click, they can submit an HTTP request without authentication to see the data – in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or XML – that they can drop into their app to create their own tool or conduct research.


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