Struggling with Scrum? Try Kanban for IT projects -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Mar 11, 2015 ... Over the last decade, many have written about what agile software development offers ... Effective practices for making agile work in the federal government were outlined in ...

Why DevOps is good for government -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... Google ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Feb 12, 2015 ... Terms like service-oriented architecture and big data have long been part of the ... Neil A. Chaudhuri ( is the founder and president of Vidya.

Should APIs be free from copyright? -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Jan 07, 2015 ... Google believed the best way to lure developers to Android was to leverage Java, the ... Altogether the packages represent the building blocks for Android applications.

How to put the Digital Playbook into action -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... Twitter ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Sep 10, 2014 ... Software engineering is my passion – not just the technologies but the art of ... As an advocate for agile development and open source, it is gratifying to see the ...

6 ways for software developers to build security into new applications -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Jul 10, 2014 ... IT security has recently gotten a lot of attention in the mainstream press for all ... With agency budgets already stretched to their limits, bolting security measures on ...

4 technologies that changed software development -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... Google ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Jun 05, 2014 ... In my view, four technologies have revolutionized software development in the last ... The technologies themselves are less important than the indelible impact they ...

Do you speak Hadoop? What you need to know to get started. -- GCN


Twitter ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri May 01, 2014 ... You have only a vague notion of what it is. ... You’ve heard that it takes a lot of work but is potentially beneficial. ... Maybe if you learned more about it you too could enjoy its benefits.

When to move beyond relational databases -- GCN


Close this Advertisement ... RSS ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Apr 03, 2014 ... One of my current projects is the review of an application built by a contractor for ... The code relies heavily on queries and stored procedures against a relational ...

Ozone Widget Framework: Open-source tool for big data visualizations -- GCN


By Neil A. Chaudhuri Feb 27, 2014 ... The attention has been on sophisticated algorithms and the technologies that ... Eventually humans need to consume the results of analytics. ... That’s a configuration detail for an integrator later.

How to integrate incompatible component and architectural technologies -- GCN


RSS ... By Neil A. Chaudhuri Jan 29, 2014 ... Often that means integrating new technology into legacy systems. ... Making otherwise incompatible technologies play nice isn’t easy. ... Results are apparent in days or weeks rather than months.

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