Top Stories

  • Energy Department launches new HPC initiative

    The new program focuses on materials for use in severe environments, and is part of DOE's larger HPC4 Energy Innovation Initiative.

  • New tool helps disaster victims find shelter from the storm

    Socrata is turning FEMA data into a digital map of disaster areas that shows the nearest emergency shelters and their current occupancy levels.

  • On the hunt for a CAC replacement

    Defense officials are making headway on identity management tools that can eventually replace the Common Access Card.


    How to get practical value from artificial intelligence

    Deploying AI and machine learning “out of the box” allows agencies to quickly get benefit from the technology and avoid long procurement cycles and complex integrations.


    State strategies for smarter IT procurement

    State IT officials can work together with procurement representatives to ensure best possible value in contracts, according to a new NASCIO report.

  • GSA looks to blockchain for speeding procurement processes

    GSA is exploring a proof of concept that uses the distributed ledger technology to automate its FASt Lane procurement process.


    Identity protection is an overdue government mission

    Governments across America now need a more robust approach to provide secure digital identities for their own operations and for the citizens they serve.


    IT modernization: Not a case of rip and replace

    Agencies must develop a systematic and comprehensive approach to modernization that leverages new IT to transform the agency and further its mission.

  • Xbox controllers guide sub's periscope

    The gaming hardware will be used to control photonic masts on submarines.

  • Can IoT protect communities when the next floods come?

    With low-cost flood sensors, the Lower Colorado River Authority hopes to collect enough data that it can improve the accuracy of its flood predictions and geo-target alerts.