Top Stories

  • GSA to agencies: Tap MGT for emerging tech

    Modernization funding could support blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation initiatives. GSA wants to show agencies how to apply.

  • A closer look at the Smart Columbus Operating System

    The platform will house a data repository and tools for powering applications from that data.


    How data and analytics can help mitigate the opioid epidemic

    Data, linking and analytics can help officials examine the underlying issues behind the criminal element spearheading the opioid crisis, as well as the reasons why so many have fallen victim to it.

  • DOD restricts mobile devices in Pentagon

    The Defense Department has cracked down on the use of personal mobile devices inside secure areas of the Pentagon.


    What are these 'levels' of autonomous vehicles?

    The six levels of autonomy describe the features that are engaged in any given instance of on-road operation of an equipped vehicle.


    Network security: Age matters less than maturity

    Network administrators must ensure that their infrastructures are mature enough to handle the latest threat as well as rapidly changing security requirements.

  • Surveillance that spots suspicious behavior

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for technology that uses drones, sensors and algorithms to spot human behaviors that indicate hostile intent.

  • Monitoring 'side channels' to detect vehicle hacks

    By comparing what a vehicle is actually doing to what its software claims it is doing, researchers may be able to detect hack to onboard systems.


    Phishing is still a big problem, but users can help shrink it

    If employees have an easy way to spot and report suspicious emails, security teams will get a steady stream of front-line threat intelligence.

  • Agencies take a closer look at containers

    The stand-alone, executable packages can help make agencies more efficient by cutting staff costs and enabling faster development.