Top Stories

  • National system to help firefighters quickly locate nearby resources

    The National Mutual Aid System combines crisis management software with geocoded data to help fire officials find additional resources -- whether that be personnel, teams, facilities, equipment or supplies -- from across the country.


    Closing the agile culture gap

    Agencies that want to take the agile route must close the culture gap by teaching skeptical colleagues how to function in the more experimental and trust-centered agile environment.

  • How airplane crash investigations can improve cybersecurity

    The information industry should take a page from aviation and create a cybersecurity safety board.

  • ARL seeks private cloud to modernize IT infrastructure

    The Army Research Laboratory is looking for industry input on how to migrate its current data centers to a cloud environment.


    How local governments can capitalize on real-time communications

    With modern digital communications services, municipalities can foster secure and efficient collaboration, increase productivity and even better protect citizens.

  • North Korea's growing criminal cyber threat

    North Korea's cyber warriors work primarily for the government, stealing money that is then used to fund its cash-strapped government.

  • Enlisting bots and blockchain for financial management

    Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service is exploring how blockchain and robotic process automation can streamline labor-intensive tasks.

  • New supercomputers headed to DOD

    The Air Force and Navy research labs will be getting HPE SGI 8600 machines for national defense applications.


    Modern data analytics for public safety IoT

    The sheer volume of data generated by internet-of-things devices requires modern and efficient platforms that can maximize the data insights to ensure a safer population.

  • New Orleans opens Real Time Crime Monitoring Center

    The command center will use video captured from strategically mounted cameras and license plate scanners to give police real-time assistance during violent crimes.