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    3 data strategies to help crackdown on internal corruption

    Solutions that monitor data prep and lineage, encourage sharing and collaboration and take advantage of machine learning will give agencies much needed visibility and accountability in HR processes.

  • LinkNWK activates first kiosks

    Newark, N.J., plans to install 45 kiosks offering free gigabit Wi-Fi, mobile-device charging and other services.

  • Open-source hardware could defend against the next generation of hacking

    When devices' designs and components are open for public view, downstream customers could verify the security themselves.

  • NASA seeks partners for urban air mobility challenge

    To create safe and efficient air transport in cities, NASA plans a series of grand challenges aimed at developing urban air mobility.

  • A better eye in the sky

    Geocoded, high-resolution imagery from aircraft cameras delivers critical details for responders.


    Tackling privileged-access security

    To prevent attackers from infiltrating government networks, agencies must secure privileged access, limiting intruders’ ability to move laterally and escalate privileges.

  • Evolution is at work in computers as well as life sciences

    Just as general intelligence evolved in biological life forms, that same process could be used to develop computerized intelligent systems.

  • Biometric ID spots imposters at land crossing

    Customs and Border Protection’s biometric entry/exit identification system nabbed two men attempting to cross from Mexico into the U.S. using someone else’s border-crossing cards.

  • RPA sees real deployment, but lacks standards

    As agencies experiment with robotic process automation, the lack of credentialing standards could be holding back deployment of the technology in government, experts say.


    Best practices for performance metrics

    When possible, government agencies should report a variety of critical measures -- including both leading and lagging measures -- to present a balanced view of the facts.