Okta and AWS enable seamless and secure user and customer experiences across any organization. Together, Okta and AWS help Public Sector organizations to: 

  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Secure access to cloud resources
  • Modernize and secure applications
  • The 3 Tenets of Enabling a Remote Government Workforce

    As agencies begin to support a more permanent remote future, it’s critical that they build security in every step of the way – starting with access and identity. Download Now

  • CDO Technologies

    Tasked with advancing the privacy of 5 million U.S. Air Force users, CDO Technologies relies on Okta to raise the organization’s security position Download Now

  • CMS

    CMS transforms the American healthcare system. Okta secures and streamlines identity. Download Now

  • CAC-in-the-Cloud

    Now with a U.S. Department of Defense Impact Level 4 Provisional Authorization, Okta offers modern cloud-based access management to support today’s dynamic mission, veteran and dependent needs. Download Now

  • Okta for Education

    Okta helps educational institutions around the world run more efficiently and improve the student, staff experience. Download Now

  • Leveraging Okta’s Identity Cloud as the first line of defense against fraud, waste and abuse

    As more government organizations move their citizen services to mobile and cloud-based platforms, ensuring the validity of those benefits claims is more important than ever. Many are adopting an identity centric security model as a framework for prevention of risk and fraud. Download Now

  • Streamlining AWS SSO and Command Line Interface (C:I) Access with the Okta Identity Cloud

    AWS and Okta are both market leaders in their respective industries of public cloud infrastructure and identity and access management. And it’s no surprise that a vast number of organizations leverage Okta for single sign-on to secure access to AWS resources. But for organizations that manage sophisticated AWS deployments involving multiple accounts and permission sets around who can access what, this can become extremely time consuming to manage at scale. Download Now

  • Bring Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences to Government Faster with Modern CIAM

    The Public Sector’s Path to Modern Customer Identity and Access Management Download Now

  • Oakland County Improves Service and Decreases Costs with Okta

    Oakland County, Michigan, is one of the largest counties in the United States and according to the Center for Digital Government, it’s also one of the most technologically advanced. To get there, the county needed to re-architect an infrastructure made up of fractured, on-premises and cloud systems so that it could efficiently manage access and better serve its 1.2 million citizens. Download Now

  • Okta Brings Zero Trust Identity and Access to Defense Department Networks

    Department of Defense organizations understand that secure identity and access management (IAM) will grow more critical as the military transitions into a more modern information enterprise. Download Now

  • How to Achieve Frictionless Identity Management in Government Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is undergoing a substantial shift toward a quality-focused care model. While the transition from fee-for-service care to value-based care has been under way for some years, provider organizations are still grappling with implementing systems and processes to support this new model of healthcare. Download Now

  • FICAM: Securing Identities, Credentials, and Access in Federal Government Agencies

    This whitepaper explores what OMB 19-17 means for agencies. Plus, it discusses how an Okta and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership can help you to comply with FICAM requirements and perform at full potential. Download Now

  • Okta for Government

    The Identity Standard for IT Modernization. Deliver Better, More Secure Workforce and Citizen Experiences. Download Now

  • Case Study: University of Notre Dame

    As the university’s legacy technology expanded, operational efficiency and vulnerability to data breaches became time consuming challenges. Identity and access management (IAM) was evolving faster than the resources required to oversee it properly, and security and user experience had become a balancing act. Notre Dame needed to modernize and automate IT workflows so it could provide campus users with a secure, seamless experience. Download Now

  • Reduce risk and cyber insurance premiums with Okta

    Organizations are moving towards digital transformation, leveraging software and hosting data across multiple environments and vendors. To mitigate security risks associated with the expanded threat surface, many companies adopt cyber insurance policies that provide technical, PR, incident response, financial, and recovery support in case of security exploitation. The recent rise in ransomware and data breaches impacted many cyber insurance carriers, increasing the number of insurance claims versus premiums earned (insurance loss ratio). As a response, insurance providers updated their policies with more stringent underwriting requirements, especially related to identity and access management and infrastructure access control. Download Now

  • If you’d like to learn more, please contact Diana Ostrow at [email protected] or 703-871-8527 Download Now