Webcasts & Podcasts

  • Put AI to Work in Your Agency's Contact Center

    The two letters “AI” have caused confusion and hesitation for some organizations, and excitement and success for others. A key problem is that Artificial Intelligence encompasses a variety of technologies that address different goals. Successful agencies don’t implement AI; they implement a flavor of AI that is targeted to solve citizen problems, address a business opportunity, or improve the agent experience. Join Brian Mistretta from NICE inContact as he clears the air on AI in the contact center, how to use it effectively to improve citizen experience and effectively manage a remote workforce. 03/31/2021

  • Case Studies on Taking Threat Hunting to the Next Level with Threat Reconnaissance

    Many organizations are employing threat reconnaissance against high priority threat actors. After all, threat actors conduct reconnaissance on their targets’ infrastructures. It’s time to turn the tables and conduct recon on them. A threat reconnaissance program leverages security analysts more strategically by extending their threat hunting capabilities beyond the enterprise perimeter. This webinar looks at real-world examples of how Fortune 50 companies are getting ahead of high-criticality threats. 03/24/2021


  • Preparing for Attacks that Seek Total Annihilation

    Defending your IT infrastructure against attack has never been a simple task. But things have taken a decidedly ugly turn of late: More and more attacks are simply seeking the total annihilation of your infrastructure. Any organization can be a target - or simply collateral damage from an attack targeting someone else. Read this informative technical brief to learn more.

  • SharePoint Migration Planning Guide

    Migration projects are inherently complex and risky. The most important factor in success? Thorough planning. This white paper explains the steps involved in planning a SharePoint migration, including best practices and proven solutions for reducing risk and driving platform adoption and ROI.

  • Secure government content in the cloud

    See how securely managing your content in the cloud meets the growing demands of your citizens and constituents

  • IDC: Business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation

    Adapting to change is critical for competing in today’s digital world. Manually performing routine tasks and complicated processes eats up time and money. Automation can make the difference between keeping pace with customer demand and falling behind. Analysis from different organizations showed a 498% ROI over 5 years, along with annual revenue increase of $1.13 million using Red Hat Ansible Automation. Read this report to learn how to lower costs, reduce unplanned downtime, deploy apps faster, and improve your teams’ productivity.

  • Enterprise open source automation drives innovation