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Ransomware Resiliency for the Public Sector

A 2020 study found that local governments are more likely to be targeted by ransomware attacks than any other type of organization, and the large-scale shift to telework during the pandemic has only expanded that attack surface.

How to Build a Comprehensive CX Program

Improving the customer experience has been a federal focal point for several years now, but many organizations still struggle with turning basic goals like "better design" and "meet digital natives' expectations" into a practical program to improve CX. In this GCN editorial webcast, GCN editors will speak with CX experts within government about what's worked for them, and how to make sure CX investments pay dividends across the enterprise.

How to Manage the Migration from the Data Center to the Cloud

The ultimate payoff from a move to a cloud platform is that it offers faster, flexible access to the data that is essential for the agency’s mission. Learn how new architectures and tools simplify data protection, disaster recovery and cloud mobility across hybrid environments.

Help Agents do more with Digital Channels

Learn how activating digital channels can help reduce the load on agents, allowing them to handle more inbound and outbound programs simultaneously and how asynchronous communication improves your agents’ ability to achieve your agency’s commitment to citizens.

The New Normal: An Agency’s Guide to Contact Tracing and Remote Agents

As agencies reopen, new contact center models will emerge as some agents will be remote, while others are on site. Your contact center agents will need to accommodate entire new workloads like contact tracing on top of their core agency missions in order to mitigate the further transmission of the virus. The problem is, most agencies already have a resource issue in their contact centers; how do you accommodate these tectonic shifts, respond quickly to the ground swell of citizen outreach, take on critical new asks like contact tracing while having limited budget to deploy additional resources?

Ensure Security and Traceability in 2020 Elections Amid the New Normal

During this webinar election experts from AWS and Cherwell will provide perspectives on how customers are using technology to increase voter accessibility and how Cherwell and AWS can help achieve a secure solution. They will discuss how to create a highly reliable and secure digital chain of custody for election equipment with their joint offering.

Calling 9-1-1: New Laws to Improve Emergency Communications

The first in a series of new federal laws that are changing the regulation of 9-1-1 services on multiline telephone systems took effect in February. In the next two years, additional regulations designed to improve 9-1-1 location reporting accuracy will become law. Learn more about what’s in the regulations, benefits to public safety, the laws’ technical requirements, and much more!

Using FedRAMP Tools to Protect Federal Tax Payer Info (FTI)

This webcast will discuss how agencies are leveraging FedRAMP certified platforms in the Contact Center space to address security compliance with the IRS 1075 standard.

Dealing with Disaster: Readiness and Recovery

Everyday lives increasingly depend on IT. From government services to transportation to healthcare to education, electronic and digital systems drive the way we work day-to-day. So, what happens if a disaster, mechanical failure, or malware attack happens and one of these primary systems goes down?

Defending against Ransomware and Malware

Government agencies, schools, healthcare and financial institutions are all under attack from criminal elements, exploiting their systems with malware and ransomware. Learn what your agency can do to prepare, mitigate, and recover from these threats, and how Nutanix can aid in your efforts.

From Business Case to Best Practice: A Public Sector Guide to Deploying a Cloud Contact Center

This webcast is intended to serve as a technical / practitioners guide to migrating from a legacy premise based contact center to the cloud.

Understanding, Combating, and Identifying Insider Threats for Government

There is no doubt that insider threats pose a significant risk to organizations and government agencies, as they can compromise sensitive and confidential data. Any accidental or malicious act by an employee can potentially lead to catastrophic incidents that threaten an organization’s security and reputation. The ability to identify, combat and protect against insider threats is critical to your organization’s security posture.