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Enabling Network Security at the Speed of Mission

Speed and security are both vital to agency missions, yet the two are often viewed as conflicting demands. Government agencies looking to stay ahead of burgeoning bandwidth demands—and to develop the agility to respond to rapidly shifting demands—can feel constrained by the need to ensure that the network is protected. But no such constraint is necessary.

Date: Dec 10, 2015

Time: 2:00PM

Records Automation: Digitizing for Greater Efficiency

Agencies that are dealing with vast volumes of paper records and need immediate and unfettered access to those documents. As the volume of incoming paper continues to increase, they need ways to automate how they process and digitize those documents. In this webcast a federal IT/IM executive will discuss how digitizing paper records makes those documents more accessible and consequently more valuable. This webcast will feature two speakers from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Deborah Armentrout, Chief of the Records and Archives Services Section, and Patricia Hall, Chief of the Information and Data Operations Branch. They will discuss how records digitization supports the agency’s mission.

Date: Dec 03, 2015

Time: 2:00 pm

On Demand

Pension Management: Keeping Pace, Improving Accuracy

Fiscal uncertainty has created a lot of turmoil in employee pension plans, making it difficult for public sector agencies to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of pension payments, even in the midst of change. In this webcast, IT and business leaders from the state of New York will discuss strategies for ensuring that pension management systems are kept up to date with constantly changing rules and policies.

Assessment and Authorization Processes: Solving the Cross Domain Puzzle

Assessment and Authorization processes are complex enough as it is. But when it comes to cross-domain solutions, the complexity increases significantly. In this webcast, Steve Welke, a Principal Consultant for Assurance Policy & Standards at Raytheon | Websense, will provide an update on A&A principles, requirements, and processes for cross domain, multilevel security solutions.

Delivering Cloud Economics into the Federal Data Center

Archive and private cloud solution should be affordable, scalable, simple, and readily accessible. Your existing storage platforms are costly and require a huge data center footprint. We can change that.

Records Management: Going Beyond Governance

Information governance is vital function, given the policies and legislation around records management, the Freedom of Information Act, and eDiscovery. However, if agencies only focus on compliance, they miss an important opportunity to optimize their information operations. This webcast will discuss strategies not only for improving an agency’s ability to manage compliance but also for raising the bar on information availability.

Software-Defined Storage: Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

Virtualization is transforming the data center, giving agencies much more flexibility in how they manage their IT resources. In most agencies, that transformation began with server virtualization. But increasingly, agencies are realizing that storage is a critical piece of the puzzle. In this webcast, Brian Muolo, IT Storage Manager, GSA will share best practices and insights in leveraging the capabilities of software-defined storage.

CDM: Getting from Concept to Implementation

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program is a significant but complex undertaking for federal agencies – not least because of the complexity of agencies themselves and their IT landscapes. The Department of Homeland Security is an interesting case study, because the department is helping to oversee the CDM initiative as well as implementation for its own benefit. In this webcast, the Department of Homeland Security Information Security Office, will share insights and lessons learned from the department’s experience as an early adopter.

Improving Security within Federal End User Computing

Within Federal information systems, day-to-day operations are subject to a diverse array of endpoint security threats. Join this webcast sponsored by Dell and Intel® to hear from experts how to address the ever-changing endpoint security burdens within Federal.

Governments See a Bumpy Road Ahead to Digital Engagement

The digital age is upon us. People everywhere now expect services to be mobile – even from their government. Faced with unique challenges and budget constraints, Governments have fallen behind the private sector in digitizing business processes, however, the opportunity remains. Join us as we dive into the unique challenges governments around the world are facing with content management and how you can take the first step to streamlining your operational processes.

IT Operations by the Number

Now more than ever, metrics are seen as a key tool in improving systems performance and operational efficiencies, providing agencies with information they can use to make smarter decisions about IT investments. In this webcast, Nancy Potok, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer at the Census Bureau and Bob Nicholson, Director of Technical Operations at the Social Security Administration, will offer best practices in data-driven management of the enterprise.

Improve Agency Processes -- Focus Here First

View this on-demand presentation to learn how agencies can use process improvement to put the U.S. Digital Services Playbook into action. Leading experts used real-world case studies to illustrate how Business Process Management (BPM) can help agencies save resources and meet customer expectations, regardless of location, device, or communication method.