Defense Department Briefs

Amid growing consensus that the Defense Department's Technical Architecture for
Information Management (TAFIM) standard is just slightly narrower than the Grand Canyon,
purple-hearted techies from each of the services are trying to hammer out a set of
specifications guaranteeing cross-service interoperability.

The Army Center for Military History in Alexandria, Va., is scanning 17 million pages
of records from the Persian Gulf War to research potential causes of the unexplained
illnesses reported by thousands of Gulf War veterans.

Using image capture software from Intrafed Inc. in Bethesda, Md., and text indexing and
retrieval software from Excalibur Technologies Corp. in San Diego, the Army will weed out
health-related documents and post them on the World Wide Web.

The Navy has awarded a contract extension worth up to $16.8 million to Logicon Inc. for
engineering work to support the Navy Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability.

If all options are exercised, the extensions will bring the contract's total value to
$80 million. The Torrance, Calif., company still is working out the terms of a
restructured contract for the Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering contract,
which was initially expected to be worth $670 million.

Promotion-minded IRM executives throughout the Pentagon are seeking absolution from
past involvement with the now-discredited Corporate Information Initiative and its tarred
counterpart: enterprise integration.

"My boss made me do it," is one popular explanation among officials suspected
of harboring a standard systems bias. Others are said to have confessed they were
"seduced by Paul Strassmann's accent."

Eager to avoid guilt by association, whole organizations abruptly have changed names.
Until recently, Michael Mestrovich was deputy director for enterprise integration at the
Defense Information Systems Agency. As of Jan. 2, he is deputy director for joint
requirements analysis and integration.

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