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Despite official announcements this summer that Vice Adm. Arthur Cebrowski will succeed
Vice Adm. Walter Davis as the Navy's director of space and electronic warfare, Davis is
expected to stay in his current post until mid-December.

The extension will give Davis, holder of the prestigious Grey Eagle trophy, the
opportunity to transfer the trophy to Rear Adm. Andrew Granuzzo in a ceremony aboard the
USS Constellation off San Diego on Dec. 11. The trophy is held by the longest-serving
Naval aviator on active duty, and Davis has racked up nearly 33 years.

The Air Force is distributing Version 2.0 of its Guidelines for Successful
Acquisition and Management of Software Intensive Systems
on the World Wide Web.
Printed copies of the previous edition of the Bible-sized guide, which attempts to gather
every known morsel of wisdom on the subject, have been nearly exhausted. You can check it
out at
  and download the compressed files.

From your desktop, you can now check out security training courses available within the
government. The Defense Information Systems Agency's Center for Information Systems
Security recently uploaded its new Training Resources Electronic Catalog to the Internet.

The catalog is available for downloading at the Defense Technical Information Center's
FTP site. You can go there directly,, or get there from the CISS
World Wide Web home page at
  by selecting the blue-highlighted DTIC.

Once at the DTIC site, you should download all the documents that begin with the
letters TDB. After downloading the files, unzip the data files in a separate directory
from the application files.

For more information, call 703-681-1345.

The long-awaited Joint Technical Architecture, a more detailed and more binding
reincarnation of the Technical Architecture for Information Management (TAFIM), is now
official. This first version, which focuses on command and control systems, will be
followed by expanded ones seeking to harmonize the rest of the Defense Department systems

Robert French, a quality control specialist with the 504th Signal Battalion, has
received the Purple Heart for wounds he received during the bombing of Khobar Tower in
Saudi Arabia this summer. The 60-year-old grandfather of five had been in Saudi Arabia
since March installing a LAN at the U.S. compound.

French was hit by glass and metal shrapnel when the terrorist bomb exploded in the
tower, four buildings over from where French was working on systems records.

A 40-year Army employee, French began his service stint when he enlisted in 1953. He
retired in 1973 but stayed on as a civilian employee of the Information Systems
Engineering Command. He began his tour with the 504th at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., in 1988.

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