An overrated threat

What I want to know is: If the hackers who busted into the Air Force's World Wide Web
site were capable, as they claimed, of taking over the e-mail system, why didn't they spam
the place? If, as they claimed, they could access top-secret data, why didn't they print
out a page and send it to, say, Pierre Salinger?

This isn't a dare. I ask these questions because I don't believe the hackers got any
farther than the Web server itself, a clearly insecure environment.

Threats to information security are well-documented. But the Air Force incident of late
last month should remind us not to overreact to every little prank. Security of a Web site
is by no means a barometer of the security of the other parts of an organization's
information infrastructure.

You can isolate a Web server from the rest of the network. You can use CD-ROMs to hold
Web data so that it can't be overwritten. You can partition off interactive parts with
firewalls or isolate them from your internal e-mail.

If someone steals my newspaper off my front lawn, does that mean they have access to
the safe in my basement?

This latest federal Web site violation is indeed an embarrassment and shouldn't have
been allowed to happen. But it's highly doubtful these hackers could have launched a
fighter strike.

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