Chairman Thompson ready to push IT

"The State Department has obligated over $300 million annually on computer
systems," he said. "Yet (it) has had a poor history of managing these systems
and, as a result, is struggling with aging computers that do not adequately meet the
department's needs."

 Calling Thompson's comments a "shot across the bow to the administration,"
committee spokesman Paul Clark said, "We're not going to be a passive committee. The
chairman is extremely interested in oversight."

 Some agencies on the early agenda for systems reviews are the Federal Aviation
Administration and IRS. Thompson will review the affects on systems programs of
procurement freedoms Congress granted FAA last year. As for IRS, staff members said
Thompson will continue to focus on IRS plans to rein in problems with Tax Systems

 Other areas the committee has on its front burners are computer security, agencies'
use of metrics to meet the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act and
implementation of the Information Technology Management Reform Act. 

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