Beware the loopholes in using performance history to rate bidders

It's nearly time to declare victory. At long last, procurement has been reformed.

 Notice that the word improved was not used-even the reformers know better than to
make too grandiose a claim. Many in government buying circles will argue that the changes
are for the better.

 Now, for a while at least, most people will know how hard it is to make change,
which means that they will be reluctant to try it on the scale we have seen since October

But all of the lessons haven't been learned quite yet. And the lessons for the immediate
future involve implementing the changes.

 When these lessons are learned-and they will be hard lessons-we can look for new
rounds of changes and reform initiatives. What we can look for immediately, however, is
the counter-reformation. 

Bob Little, an attorney who has worked for the General Accounitng Office and a
Washington law firm, teaches federal contract law.

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