Make sure your Internet and intranet plans jibe

Now that the information technology gurus have sold us their Internet strategies, they
now are trying to sell us intranets as well.

 Most agencies have had wide area networks and WAN policies and procedures for years.

 Is an intranet something new to fret over? Or is it a clever way to get customers to
pay twice for the same thing?

 From the technologist's perspective, an intranet is simply the use of Internet
protocols for an internal communications network. The same communications technology used
to create the Internet can also link an agency's internal networks.

 But like birds of a feather, intranets flock together and soon you will find them
attaching to the Net. So another definition is that an intranet is an IP network separated
from the Net by some device or software. 

Walter R. Houser, who has more than two decades of experience in federal information
management, is webmaster for a Cabinet agency. His own Web page is at

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