Warehousers get a shortcut

In data warehousing, it's easy to overload a network with bulk data transfers between a
mainframe and Unix servers. One storage manufacturer gets around that problem by bypassing
the network entirely.

 Symmetrix Multihost Transfer Facility software from EMC Corp. of Hopkinton, Mass.,
supports 17-megabyte/sec bulk file transfers between EMC's Symmetrix 5000 or Symmetrix
3000 storage systems and any mainframe or midrange servers running the SMTF software.

 "The network is removed from this operation," said Doug Fierro, manager of
EMC marketing programs. "We use very standard hardware and very specialized software
to do this." The software costs $30,000 to $60,000.

 The initial SMTF release runs on IBM MVS mainframes as well as Hewlett-Packard
HP/9000, IBM RS/6000 and Sun Microsystems SparcCenter Unix servers.  

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