AT&T wins $291m HITS to bring DISN to Hawaii

AT&T, which is trying to break into local phone services nationwide, "not only
is providing the local phone service, we're not reselling the service from the local
provider," she said.

AT&T outbid GTE Corp., the only other company with a competitive network in place
there, according to Jim Johnson, director of federal programs for Time Warner. 

HITS is a major piece of the DISN infrastructure. A support services contract went to
Boeing Computer Services Co. of Seattle in June. In August, MCI Communications Corp. won
the Switched/Bandwidth Management Services contract. DISA still must award a
videoconferencing contract.

HITS has a five-year base period and five option years. It calls for switched voice and
data, Integrated Services Digital Network, and digital and analog dedicated transmission

AT&T and its subcontractors will supply the switching, transmission, installation and
maintenance of customer premises equipment, intrabase and outside fiber-optic cable
installation and maintenance, and the network management hardware and software.

The HITS regional leased services will interface with other DISN networks, commercial
domestic and international long-distance networks, public switched networks, the
Government Emergency Telecommunications Service, the Defense Satellite Communications
System, and other strategic and tactical networks.

Time Warner's Johnson said Oceanic Communications had upgraded its system within the last
three years. "We have a very prolific fiber-optic network there," he said.
"Hawaii is clearly a step ahead of most areas."  

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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