Like most Web surfers, you're probably curious about how many times your
name pops up on other people's pages. So you may have visited one of the common search
sites and typed your name in quotation marks, like so: "John Doe."

 As the hits pop up, you may see what appear to be mostly blank pages. The reason for
this is that certain advertisers have started creating pages with various people's names
on them to lure curiosity seekers. Then they make the names invisible so that you can see
only product information or a link to their pages.

 In some cases, a Web page author simply hasn't yet finished the page and has set it
to blank until it's finished. Authors achieve the blank appearance on their pages by
making text the same color as the background-white on white, for example.

 If you want a good look at such a page, print it out. Most Web browsers default to
black for text colors, except for hypertext links.

 Or you can highlight the page, then cut and paste to a blank text document. That way
you can see whether the cunning page author really said anything about you.

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