High-end monitor takes a lot of space but gives a great image

 On the Dell with the Imagine 128 II card, I took the monitor up to the
full 1,600-by-1,200 resolution at 80-hertz refresh rate. At such fine resolution, it's
very important that your PC's video card has plenty of memory and support for high pixel
density. Redrawing almost 2 million pixels is no small task.

 Even at lower, more typical resolutions, the Cornerstone's image was sharp and
clear. There was no lessening of brightness or clarity around the edges, and the overall
image looked nicely uniform.

 If computer-aided design diagrams, desktop publishing or multimedia development are
making you squint at a 17-inch monitor, a larger monitor can be a blessing, but it doesn't
come cheap.

 The retail price of the 21/81 fp now is lower than its General Services
Administration schedule price of $1,827. If you want to expand your work space, shop and
compare. The 21/81 fp will give you a big picture window on your computing world.

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