Office 97 is hot, but its size and compatibility bugs have me steamed

In perspective, you'll see that for once I am not picking on Microsoft. Unlike
companies that drop old versions of office products and force you to upgrade, the
Redmonders don't say you have to rush out and buy a new high-end Pentium PC or even more
memory. The company plans to continue to market, though not update, Office for Windows

 If you want to make regular improvements to your Windows 3.x office software, look
to Corel Corp. of Ottawa. It plans new versions of WordPerfect Suite for Windows 3.x and
also for MS-DOS.

 Office 97, on the other hand, is for the hot new PC that runs Windows NT or Windows
95 and has enough memory and hard-drive space to accommodate such a massive suite. And
that market numbers in the tens of millions.

 But even if you do own the hardware to upgrade to Office 97, it might be a good idea
to wait a few months and let the loose parts shake out.  

John McCormick, a free-lance writer and computer consultant, has been working with
computers since the early 1960s. E-mail him at [email protected].

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